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The Crucible Deep Thoughts Response

Kaela Jones
Mrs. Bonds
Honors English 3
26 February 2017
The Crucible Deep Thoughts Response
Before reading ďThe CrucibleĒ, I believed that confessing to a crime you didnít commit in order to avoid punishment was not wise. Personally, Iím a bad liar and lying is very unsettling to me because Iíve just always been an honest person. Also, I wouldnít want for people to label me for what Iíve confessed to doing and treat me different because of it. Everyone would eventually find out. All that would matter to me is that I now in my heart what I did or didnít do. I donít feel like anyone would care to know the truth, nor believe what Iíd have to say as well. At the time, my belief seemed to somewhat go hand in hand with two of the other statements. I also agreed that it is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life and courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome. However, after reading the play, my main belief changed and now, for the most part, I believe that making such a decision would be wise Ė back then.
For one, during that time in the 1600ís, people were publicly executed. I would not want to be killed at all by the hands of another person, especially in front of the whole town and for the pleasure of others. People got a kick out of that and they seemed to enjoy watching innocent people, even elders, be hung. To me, that is very degrading to a human being and humiliating. Two, Salem was a small town, a town so small that everyone knew everyone and their business. So, either way if I confessed or not, everyone would find out about it, but I donít think many people would be of too much help or on my side to get me out of the punishment if I chose not to confess. As I said before, people were very entertained by public executions, therefore, wouldnít really care about what truly happened.
Thinking back to Gabeís jail scenario also helped me change my belief. If you already have a charge or two that could get you years in jail that you actually did but the judge is saying that you committed another crime that you know you did not do, however, you donít do as much time for it, which one would you pick? The honest part of me would probably confess to what I really did and accept the punishment for that because one, Iím being honest with myself, two, Iím in the wrong, and three, I shouldnít have done whatever it is I did. But in a situation like such, it would be more logical to just go ahead and confess to what I didnít do so that I serve less time. As far as the other two beliefs, I think they would change as well since all three of them were in some way related.


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