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Re(1): The Crucible Deep Thoughts Response

The Crucible Deep Thoughts Response

In regards to to the statement concerning whether or not “It is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life”. My response would personally have to remain the same before and after watching The Crucible along with each and every other response. The movie did not necessarily change my process of knowledge or thought towards any of these beliefs neither did it make me think much differently. I said that I agreed with this quotation, but its stance in the movie was not showcased enough for me, as the characters in Salem mostly consisted of people lying to save their lives. However with this particular statement, there is something that made me think twice, overthinking what it is asking me the first time and then over analyzing its connection to the book/film. During The Crucible when the servants started accusing others, because they are all afraid of being accused. This shows how the women are not able to find a solution rather lying to save their life, which as far as making an impact isn't brave.
My overall connection to this statement before watching “The Crucible” was relatable because there have been so many people before my time, and others who have died for something they believed in. For example JFK and MLK are two men who lived during the same time fighting for the same things but both got assassinated for those dreams and aspirations. Although these men were alive way after the events that took place in the crucible it was easy to connect them to this quote. Within the novel one of the only distinctive servant's name was Tituba, a young barbarian slave. What made her different was that she was the only non-white servant and had spoken a different language from time to time. She was beaten by her master and watched among the other servants showed through the film. This made think about the statement, when it says “die for what you believe in” as it showed her almost dying over a bunch of lies. A lot of the people in Salem, in fact most seem to be more concerned for themselves, making me question what it is they really believe in.
I do generally feel this statement has had a differential meaning over the course of time. Back in the day, a life in society was certainly not always as easy for everyone. So lying was more beneficial and it worked better if you wanted to live or work an alliance of saving lives. Now that times have gotten better, I most generally feel this thought has evolved. It is better to die for what you believe in now due to the rights everyone has in this particular nation. Based off of my natural response, if I were apart of the rough societal times that took place in Salem during the Crucible, I would still rather fight and die for what I believe in. This comes into play with the act of wanting to make an impact, rather than just living to lie and eventually be forgotten. Almost all the people I consider to have had made the biggest impacts onto my life are the ones who either ended up dying or were driven down to death because of fighting for change. This goes back to my reference with John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. because they are so great to me, even if they never lived close to my time. The impact and developmental changes they reached for at the, became so much more appreciated by many later on down the road. That their deaths are what make them look as of heroes who were willing to break barriers. I’d rather tell myself to fight til I die for the dream, rather than to live and lie for a scheme.

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