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Mechanical Processing and How Aromatherapy Works

Aromatherapy is widely used as an adjunct therapy or alternative therapy. Aromatherapy may help individuals become better in general. However, experts still can not prove that aromatherapy can prevent or treat disease.

In the processing to make aromatherapy, plant mixed with lotion, oil, or alcohol. In Europe, these fragrance ingredients have been used since the early 1900's era.

The workings of aromatherapy is to stimulate the nerves in the nose. These nerves will send it to the brain. After that, the brain that regulates the function of aromatherapy and match it with the type of fragrance and effect on the body. Hormones and enzymes in the body are also thought to be affected by aromatherapy so as to stabilize blood pressure, relieve nervous disorders, and disorders of other body parts.

The experts also expressed the theory that aromatherapy can be used to help alleviate depression, insomnia, relieve stress and lower blood pressure.
Aromatherapy Can be Used in Various Ways
In order to obtain the fullest benefits, there are several ways you can do, namely:

Inhaling steam aromatherapy

Aromatherapy oils are used by inhaling vapor can help relieve respiratory diseases, such as flu and colds. Select the aromatherapy oils of mint, eucalyptus and pine. How to use, prepare hot water in the basin. Add 10 drops of aromatherapy oil options. Furthermore, keep your head above the basin while covering the head with a towel. Inhale the steam for several minutes.

Heat oil aromatherapy

Aromatherapy oils can be used by heating. Use a small stove and a furnace that is equipped with a container to put the aromatherapy oils. Pepper the six drops of aromatherapy oil, and heat using a small fire. The aroma will spread quickly to the rest of the room. Unfortunately, heated aromatherapy oil will damage the benefits of treatment. Thus, this method is only recommended if you want to enjoy the aroma and not health benefits.

Aromatherapy oils squirt

Enter 180 ml of water into a spray bottle. Add 5-10 drops of aromatherapy oil to each about 30 ml. Shake well, then spray into the room to get the fragrance and its benefits.

using a diffuser

This tool uses electricity. This tool allows an aromatherapy oil to be more spread throughout the room more spacious. Another advantage of using this tool is able to break the oil into a separate molecules so that the aroma will be more easily inhaled. Therefore, this method is considered the most effective in treating. This method fits to stabilize the mental and emotional health. This method is also effective for treating diseases related to the blood, lungs, and brain. But be sure that the tool using cold air diffuser and instead use warm or vibration. Because it would destroy the active substance.

to compress

Maybe you just know that aromatherapy oils can be used to compress the sick parts. How, to prepare one liter of warm water with added 3-6 drops of aromatherapy oils. Mix well. Soak a towel into the mixture, wring it out, then put on the sick body for a maximum of 20 minutes. Repeat until the pain seemed to subside.

Muscle ache due to sports injuries, bruises, toothache, headache, and wounds caused by insect bites are several diseases that can be alleviated by means of compressed using aromatherapy oils.


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