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can you feel the magic now?

For years, those who believed in the New Age religion have been researching and investigating the theory of Ley Lines and Nodes. They have discovered that their theories were correct: Ley Lines hold Magic, which is released when these lines intersect. These points of intersection, known as nodes, are often times where cities have been built upon. The more Ley Lines that intersect, the bigger the Node, and the bigger the city.

Our city is the largest Node that exists to date.

Legend has it that the power here started out as a freak mutation - a small number of people had the ability to manipulate the elements. As more people moved to the city, whether by chance or by choice, they began to discover the powers that lay dormant. For some people, the power never manifested. Disappointed, the normal people moved away leaving the city full of nothing but elementals.

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