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Krycek saves Scully, gets his arm regrown and smokes pot with the gunmen

Hi, I hope you can help me finde a story I read ages ago....
Itīs a fic of some lenght, containing slash and a nice plot too.
It beginns with the Cigarret Smoking Man cartwheeling a semiconcious Scully through some lab facility. Krycek, who had been tortured and experimented on, manages to get them both out of there but takes a bullet for her in the process. Scully contacts Skinner, who offers the typical cabin-in-the woods safehouse and then of course neither he nor Mulder can let Scully alone in the woods knowing the Rat is involved.
Whatever alien technologie they were using in the experiments – the bullet wound triggered the regrowth of Kryceks arm. Under unimaginable pain. And since they donīt know what it is, Scully doesnīt dare to give him something against it, so he has to sit it out while beeing under constant observation from mostly Skinner or Mulder. I believe everyone can imagine how good that works out. The Gunmen, while on their turn to babysitting him, come to a more creative way of lessening the pain by bringing out their pot.
It follows a nice story where Skinner and Scully get to know and love each other, Krycek and Mulder are on and off and the Gunmen get to decipher some really interessting stuff Krycek was able to provide.

Many thanks to any hints


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