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don't make me sad, don't make me cry

Resurrecting her using the death glitter in my bank :)

Required information:
Name: Elena (ell-ay-nah)
Biological sex: Female
Skin colour: Type One
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: blue-green
Defects: None
Free V13 power: Gills underwater
Your player name: Merlin

Optional information:

Detailed appearance: Elena greatly resembles her mother, Thyri. She has the same figure and matches her almost exactly in height. She is more conventionally beautiful however, with softer features, a rounder chin, paler eyes and darker hair. After training in self-defence with her (sort-of) step-father, Rhaegar, she developed a more athletic physique prior to her pregnancy. She wears her hair long and chest-length but, unlike her mother, often wears it braided and bXeaded.

Personality: Elena was always strong-willed and passionate. She inherited a fiery temper from both of her parents. She is not afraid to take extreme measures to get what she wants, and in her late teens showed signs of her mother's skills at manipulating others. Elena was prone to extended dark periods and extreme emotions she struggled to control. On one occasion these drove her to a suicide attempt designed to get her out of the marriage her family (Aunt and Uncle) had arranged for her in her mother's absence. She was something of a dreamer and wanted desperately to travel and see the world.
Ambitions: To travel the world and live an exciting life

Age: 18 (at death)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Religion: Originally Old Nordic, later a Rhaegaran convert


Elena was born to a twenty year old Thyri. Thyri had never loved her husband and by the time Elena was born, Thyri had been having an affair with Rhaegar for nearly three years. Elena's father was a jealous and volatile man with a short and violent temper. For years he managed to restrain himself from beating his wife, fearing Rhaegar's retribution, and lived in the village as a known cuckold. Originally a famous warrior, age and ridicule rapidly eroded the respect in which he had been held and he spent a lot of his time drunk. Despite Rhaegar's personal assurances to the contrary he always suspected that Elena was the God's child, and not his. He showed very little interest in his baby girl as a result.

When Elena was two years old her father finally lost his temper entirely and struck Thyri in their home. She left him and moved in permanently with her lover. Shortly afterwards Elena's father accompanied Rhaegar on a raid and did not return. Rumour had it that the God had killed him, pushing him from a cliff into the sea to drown. Elena was taken in by her father's childless sister and her husband.

Elena resented her mother's extended absences and frequent displays of self-interest. As a child she tried to win Thyri's attention, but as a teenager their relationship grew increasingly strained. At thirteen she learned of the rumour that Rhaegar had murdered her father, presumably at Thyri's bequest. Elena confronted her step-father. He didn't admit to the crime, but did nothing to quieten her suspicions. Taking this as confirmation she stopped speaking to her mother and refused to see her. Curiously, she was still willing to speak to her step-father, and Rhaegar did his best to bridge the divide between mother and daughter. In one conversation Elena asked Rhaegar 'Did he deserve it?' to which the God replied 'yes.' After this, Elena's relationship with her mother thawed a little. She still deeply resented Thyri for travelling with Rhaegar and always leaving her behind.

When she was sixteen her aunt and uncle tried to arrange a marriage for her to a local man of good standing. Elena opposed the match and did everything she could to try and get out of it. Finally she went out onto a frozen lake, tied a rock to herself and threatened to throw herself into the water if they didn't relent. When they ice broke beneath her she was saved by Rhaegar who had just returned to the village with Thyri. Rhaegar put a stop to the betrothal and took a more active role in Elena's life. They would often walk together in the countryside outside the village, talking. Rhaegar asked Elena what she wanted from her life, and when she told him she wanted to travel, to see the world and learn to look after herself, he promised to help her make her dream a reality. Four times a year he would take her on an adventure to another land and show her the sights, and he took a personal hand in teaching her self-defence. As a result Elena is able to use a sword and shield.

Elena fell in love with the man her family had tried to betroth her to and, after securing a continued promise from Rhaegar that her marriage wouldn't change their arrangement, she finally agreed to marry him. She fell pregnant quickly and she and Rhaegar had one last adventure in the Spring during which she told him that whilst she did love her husband she would never love any man in the way she loved him. "I think I loved you before I even knew what it meant."

In the Autumn, Elena died giving birth to a son. The child was raised by his father and neither Thyri nor Rhaegar had very much further to do with them. They left the village not long after Elena's passing, never to return.

*I would also like to use one of my coins to give her ice manip, please. And I think Aspie and I agreed another coin to add 'Ice Reinforcement' too

Sample post:

She took a deep steadying breath and stepped out onto the ice. It groaned beneath her weight, protesting, warning her back to the safety of the frost laden grasses. Elena ignored it. The cold seeped through the soles of her boots, biting at her toes, and the tail of the rope coiled around her arm dragged along the ground behind her, leaving a trail in the freshly laid snow. The ice creaked again. Elena remained unconcerned. It would hold. It had supported her earlier when she had run away from her aunt and carried the rock out to the centre of the lake. Everything was ready, the hole was cut, marked with a fallen branch. It was just ahead, it’s gnarled fingers pointing off in every direction and two stubborn leaves clinging valiantly to its tip.

The wind picked up, slapping against her cheeks as she pulled off her gloves and took hold of the branch. Elena gave it a sharp tug and pulled it free from the crack she had wedged it into. The water shifted beneath the ice, dark and unwelcoming. She was willing to do it, to carry out her threat if it came to it, but she hoped someone would stop her. Please Frigga, let them stop me. Elena approached the circle she had scored in the ice and pushed down on it with her stick. It broke away from the ice sheet and she forced it downwards, submerging it and nudging it to the left. The hole glared up at her accusingly, a giant blue-black eye surrounded by white. Elena stared it down. She didn’t care what any of them said, she wouldn’t do it, one way or another it wasn’t going to happen.

Her rope hit the ice with a thud. Elena crouched down beside it and began to tie it around the boulder. Her uncle had shown her how to tie the knots the men used on their dragon ships; they would hold. She gave a sharp tug on the rope to make sure. Taking another deep breath Elena began to tie the other end around her waist. Time was running out.

“Elena!” Snow crunched as hurried footsteps carried her aunt and uncle to the edge of the ice. Their cheeks were pink, their eyes wide, a mixture of concern and anger etched into the lines of their aging faces. “Elena, what on earth are you doing!” She set her jaw and dragged the boulder closer to the hole, her heart pounding in her chest.
“I won’t marry him,” she bellowed over the wind, “I told you I’d rather die, and I’m going to prove it.” She’d tried everything else she could think of to get out of it. She’d cried, she’d kicked, she’d bitten, she’d screamed until she was sick. She’d tried starving herself and then she’d tried running away. The hunters and their dogs had brought her back and her uncle had scolded her, confining her to the house. They kept insisting over and over again, this is a good match for you. Elena didn’t care how kind or strong or rich Ake was. Her aunt had tried to talk her around by pointing out how good looking he was, how lucky she was to have secured such a match. Elena didn’t feel lucky. She didn’t want to marry anyone.

“You’re being ridiculous!” her Uncle shouted as he took a step out onto the ice. Elena heard the ice start to crack around his boot. He was too heavy.
“You won’t listen to me!” she cried back, tears rolling down her face. She nudged the rock closer to the edge of the hole with her foot.
“We did listen, sweetheart,” her aunt called back, “but you’re not being reasonable. You need someone to take care of you.” A sob racked Elena’s body. She pressed a steadying hand against the base of her ribcage. Was it too much to ask to want to see the world? To walk in the forests, swim in the seas and follow the rivers? She wanted to sail the seas and find strange creatures in distant lands. She wanted to meet the strange priests in England who worshipped a man nailed to a wooden cross and hear them sing.
“Please,” she wailed, imploringly, desperately, “don’t make me do it.” Her aunt was crying too, her hands covered her mouth trying to conceal her expression of horror. She looked pleadingly at her husband.
“We’ll talk about it,” he promised quickly, “please Elena, come back with us and I swear we’ll talk about it. We could talk to your mother, see what she thinks?” Elena sniffed.
“She doesn’t care. She’s got him, she doesn’t need me.”
“I need you, darling,” her aunt insisted, folding her hands over her heart, “I’ll talk to her, I’ll ask her to take you somewhere, let you see part of that big wide world you keep talking about.” Elena hesitated. It was the best concession she’d been offered yet.
“And I won’t have to marry Ake?” Silence. Her aunt and uncle exchanged looks.
“We’ll delay it,” her uncle said, “if you come back with us now we’ll sort something out. Please Elena.”

She sighed and stared down into the water. Her reflection blinked back at her, cold, scared, trapped.
“Alright,” Elena conceded heavily. She began to untie the rope from around her waist. Her aunt suddenly screamed.
“ELENA!” The crack that followed was the loudest she had ever heard. The ice lurched beneath her, throwing her off balance as the chunk she was standing on broke away from the main sheet. A cry caught in her throat, her chest tightened and the world around her seemed to slow. She locked eyes with her Aunt standing on the bank, and then the ice tipped her and the rock into the lake.

The freezing water knocked the air out of her and large patches of black popped before her eyes. The weight of the rock dragged her down into blacker colder water. There was nothing she could do. Her muscles went slack. It looked like she really would die after all. Maybe she would finally get to meet her father…

Strong hands held her tight. Elena leaned against the strong chest and knotted her fingers into the sodden fabric of his shirt as he dragged her back towards the surface. She didn’t feel cold anymore. A warmth spread through her, starting in her chest by her heart and spreading to her extremities. Her lungs weren’t screaming for air, she felt better than she had in weeks. Was she dead then? Was this it?
“Father?” she mumbled as they left the water, peering up at the man who held her. Slowly he slipped into focus. Long hair like spun-gold framed his narrow face and purple heavily lidded eyes stared down at her from beneath a furious brow. It definitely wasn’t her father.
“Rhaegar,” she breathed, falling into an uneasy sleep.

A fire crackled away in the hearth, the smoke escaping through the hole in the ceiling. Elena blinked up at the thatch. The pale light of the winter sun flooded through, illuminating the blankets pulled taut across her feet. Why was she in bed? She rubbed her eyes and pushed herself into a sitting position.
“Welcome back,” a familiar voice growled to her right. Elena snapped her head around and peered up into his face. It all came flooding back; the cracking ice, the freezing water, the rock pulling her down into the darkness. She blinked up at him.
“Thank you,” Elena muttered, staring down at her knees, “for saving me.”
“Anytime, smarmusa (little mouse),” he replied. She could hear the smile in his voice.
“How did you know?” she asked him. He and her mother had been gone for weeks. Rhaegar sat back in his chair.
“Please Frigga let them stop me,” he replied, quoting her prayer back to her with a smirk. Elena fidgeted with the bed clothes. “Bit dramatic, don’t you think?”

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