Re(12): BG Announcers?

Stacy, I have never heard you announce but I met you several years ago at BG. You would likely do better announcing at BG than many of them that are there with mic in hand.

Alan Washburn, WPI (owner of NTPA) board member is always very pleasant to listen to as he announces.

The voice of OSTPA, "Hogg" Hastings would do very well as his pulling roots really are NTPA. Just because OSTPA changed sanctioning body should not disqualify Hogg. It may even be an asset as Hogg can fill in the crowd on the Ohio puller's recent statistics.

After all, this pull brings in pullers from several sanctioning bodies.

Speaking of statistics, NTPA statiscian and "the PULLER" graphic designer, Jon Dunlap, aka "Pull Tracker" has a really good head knowledge of pulling history and certainly knows how to soon find the puller statistics for an announcer to inform the listening audience. Certainly at a pull like BG, he should be an integral team member of the announcing crew.

Thanks Miles for your update. Michael, I am totally in your camp.

It is my hope that the appopriate BG people are reading this post and hopefully finding valuble input. And actually, not just BG, but pull promoters everywhere along with all pull annoucers being subject to what is being stated here.

After all, the big talk these days is the "next level of pulling". If we as a pulling community really want to take it higher, which I believe also means really good long lasting sponsors, then announcers worth their salt and actually should be sweet (sugar) should be an integral ingredient to this end. Their really is no room for someone that is like pepper (aah choo !) After all, the announcer is or should be and remembering he or she is a public relations speaker.

I hope this subjective criticism is taken positively as that is my intent. I have been around this sport a long time. Unfortunately, announcing, on the external side of the sport, is the number one problem that has always plaqued the pulling sport.

Thanks for hearing me out.


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