heaven's got a plan for you

"Oh," Arthur said, "he did get something from me then." He smiled. "I swear, I usually just get distracted by the Mallos-isms. You know, its uncanny. They sit in chairs in exactly the same way. I had no idea that kind of thing ran in families." If this relationship with Ciara was going to continue, and he very much hoped it would, then he would need to talk to Tristan sooner rather than later. Arthur had taken care to be discreet, to only use members of the household who could be trusted to stay silent, to hand-pick the guards appointed to the living quarters, but the downside of royalty was that everything got out in the end. He didn't want Tristan hearing a rumour first. They very rarely talked about Lilith, and Tristan had never shown any sign of suffering from his mother's absence. Arthur however, had been motherless once too. It left a mark, and no amount of smiles and devil-may-care attitude could wash it away. He stored it away in his mind with all the other things he had to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow was hours away.

"There is a grey area," he agreed, nodding, "and if I don't land in a section of it Mallos likes, he'll ignore me anyway." The king sighed again. "He really is the most frustrating man alive...And he'd take that as a compliment." Arthur didn't know what he was going to do. Nothing felt right. Every possibility he mused on came to an unsatisfactory conclusion. Whatever he did, he didn't need another thing keeping him awake at night. His conscience weighed heavy enough.

Her lips were a welcome distraction. Arthur released her chin, his fingers drifting through her hair , to the base of her neck. He supported the base of her head with his hand and applying a gentle pressure, bringing her face closer to his. Her words give him pause. His other hand comes to a rest on her thigh.
"Mmmm..." he smiles, his tone thoughtful, considering, "let me double check." Again he kisses her, more insistently, the fabric of her skirt ruffling beneath his fingers.
"Yes," the king concludes, resting his forehead against hers, his grey eyes glinting with an unusual animation, "definitely. Best conversation I've had all day." His eyes dart left, settling on the bed. He flicks them back with a boyish grin.
"I think the topic deserves further consideration."

see heaven's got a plan for you

photo by Jon Nelson at flickr.com


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