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My beliefs

IB Language 3
March 30 2017
Mrs. Rossi
My Belief
After reading 1984 some of my beliefs changed due to the circumstance that the civilians face in 1984 rather than the issues that we face in reality. 1984 reflects a dystopian society, many examples express this society. In 1984 civilians are not allowed to express any thought or express feelings, if one does express any feelings or thoughts the thought police will catch them and may vaporize them. Civilians in 1984 are under constant surveillance in which violates ones privacy. I believe it is unfair for those who would exchange freedom for society deserve neither before reading 1984 nor after reading. I believe in reality people deserve both and in 1984 after reading people desire to have bother and deserve both. Everyone deserves freedom and a sense of security. That is why our government and law enforcement are structured. After reading 1984 I feel like my response changed to no to yes about, “to assure our country’s freedom, the government should be able to spy on its citizens.” At first I feel like the government would be invading our privacy and in viding our rights that were written the constitution. But after reading 1984 even though they are invading ones privacy after being under constant surveillance, in reality citizens rebel in our country no matter what the consequences are and our not blindsided like people are in 1984. So I feel like the government should sip on our citizens for our protection. Not as extreme surveillance as 1984, but some kind of surveillance. My belief did not change to the statement, “ Patriotism means supporting your government during the times of war,” I feel as if though I am still unsure about my belief even after reading because patriotism is supporting America in general. I feel like my belief is still yes even after reading to the statement, “Torture of a person who is a threat to the government should be able to be held in prison as long as the person does not die,” I feel like death is a powerful thing and serving time is a better way of dealing with ones consequence for life rather than to give one the death sentence. Vaporizing is different by making someone disappear without any memory of them is like the same thing by giving someone the death sentence due to the fact that they are gone. “People who are a serious threat to the government should be able to be held in prison without being charged,” my answer is still the same, I disagree even after reading due to the fact that everyone has rights and they should be put up for trial to see if there is any evidence because everyone makes mistakes. 1984 is a huge example of why I disagree because they have constant surveillance unlike us, so they know for sure if someone is expressing feelings or rebelling unlike us in our world. That’s why we need evidence in a trial to prove if someone is guilty or not. If we just charge a person it would be unfair and our country would be corrupt. My belief is still agree to statement 7 even after reading 1984. In 1984 they have newspeak to make sure no one will rebel or they under telescreens to make sure what they are abiding by the rules like what they writing or the way they express themselves for security for the party. I feel like in our society the government already knows what a person is reading through technology. They chime in first couple of seconds of phone calls to make sure no one is a terrorist. I feel like they do the same with technology or if not they should for security purposes. My belief is still the same agree even after reading 1984. Reason is we already have cameras in public places to catch criminals and to for security. In 1984 civilians are under constant surveillance so no one rebels against the party. It’s the same in our reality we do that to catch criminals and protect citizens. For number 8 my belief is still the same even after reading 1984 because in 1984 they cannot express feeling or thoughts which violates ones rights. The party uses newspeak to change what happened in reality so one does not rebel. It is like any even never happened or existed. In reality we need to express ideas in order for them to exist. For statement number 9 my belief did change from disagree to agree. In 1984 they use surveillance and make up the party by thought police and newspeak to protect the party. I feel like reporters should submit things to the government that might be harmful to individual. Before reading 1984 I disagreed with this statement because I thought invaded our rights as a person and we should have the freedom to express thoughts. Now I feel we still have the freedom, but for security purpose we should get it approved first. For statement 10 my belief still agree even after reading 1984 due to the fact we should be prepared for anything that comes our way in order to resolve the issue and have peace. For example a soldier goes through training and tests to able to prepare for anything that comes ones way during the war.

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