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Spring Newsletter Part 1


Okay here's the news. I will not now be doing the above-titled book with the publisher UNBOUND. The crowd-funding project will be taken down, next week (Wk of 3rd to 7th April 2017 ) and all the people who have pledged or backed the project will be notified for refunding. If you are not notified, by end of next week, contact Unbound.

I would like it known that I have no complaint with Unbound who have behaved perfectly well during three months of our involvement together. My reasons for quitting are few and simple.

1) I felt uncomfortable about rustling up money from the public for what, essentially was a work-in-progress. In the past I have always completed my records and books first before dealing with the costs of release / publication. After four decades or so of that kind of independence, the concept of crowd-funding began to weigh upon me.

2) I discovered that although I was reasonably good at funding-raising - we hit nearly a third of the required amount within about 8 weeks - I didn't like the process much. It taxed the same mental muscles that I might have used for the actual writing of the book. This discomforting aspect also grew and began to spoil the fun of it for me.

There was one other thing. I concluded that I was pushing a limited-edition 20 to 30 hardback, when what I, and I suspect many of my readers would actually have been happy with, was a 9.95 paperback. I've had one or two hardbacks out, you see and perverse as it may seem, I'm prouder of some of the paperbacks.

I'm getting on for now with this musical (which will be this autumn's new album). Then in a week or two, will continue writing Taken to the Cleaners which is now about halfway there. It will emerge in one form or another in months to come. There'll also be regular trailers and excerpts on FB, so you know where I'm up to.

Important note for those few people who pledged over and above the standard book price. You know who you are. Contact me via the messageboard at www.martinnewell.co.uk and let's see if we can get you a download to that unheard demo collection, as a small thank you.
I'm also thinking of doing another Golden Afternoon London. This is likely to be September at St Giles in the Fields. Just waiting to co-ordinate dates next week.
Lastly, I'd like to apologise to anyone whose time I've wasted, including the people at Unbound. But I cannot go where my heart won't take me.

Thanks very much. Part 2 of the Spring Newsletter soon.

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See you again soon
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