i'll be fine, calvin.

I was very put out that the green man didn’t seem even remotely perturbed by my snarls.

It was as if I wasn’t even there. He waltzed right up to Tahl and brandished some bleary piece of paper at him, smiling and smooth-talking. I puffed up my tail, turned sideways and made the hairs on my back stick up so that I looked as big as possible, then presented him with my best hiss. Nothing. What’s wrong with young people these days?

Tahl was ignoring me too, a little more pointedly. He blinked at the paper in the guy’s hand for a second before turning his dazzling smile on him. He flipped the stick he’d been using to ‘beat’ the rugs downwards and leant on it like he was some posh lord of all with a walking cane. What an idiot. I sniffed, flattening my fur and taking a seat. Since the green man was so determined to talk to my useless excuse of a fairy, I suppose I should do him the courtesy of listening.

“Just beating the rugs,” Tahl replied in response to the first question, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. Ridiculous. He hadn’t even broken a sweat with his pathetic tapping. “Something… more?”

Sometimes, I found that wide-eyed, youthfully interested look of Tahl’s to be adorable. It was a childlike expression, one which invited a passionate lecture from anyone it was turned upon. Right now, I wished I had a fist so I could punch him with it.

“Singing?” Tahl repeated in an annoyingly thoughtful voice when the green man – Calvin – mentioned it. I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

“Tahl, you don’t even sing.” I snapped at him. Tahl ignored me, so I turned to Calvin. “He doesn’t even sing. Goodbye.”

“Don’t be rude, Ihintza,” Tahl told me in a light scolding voice. He turned back to Calvin with a sheepish sort of smile. “I haven’t received any instruction and I don’t play any instruments. Would that be a problem? I assume it’s a music group you’re putting together.”

short :(

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