Re(3): BG Announcers?

Guys like this have all the answers. He's the same guy who knows everything from the right way to build a track to the best way to run the line up along with how the track should be maintained. He has the answer to smoke tube problems and why the track is to wet or to dry and how iit should have been done , even the time frame. Every person working a pull is doing the best they can. This same person sits in the stands and knows how to run the perfect pull. Well guess what? None of these jobs are as easy as it looks from the stands. This guy sips on his beer while munching on a hot dog with all the answers and that if he were doing any of the jobs it would be done correctly, and every time.. I'm betting he watch's TV and can tell when every announcer makes a mistake and knows he could do a better job of officiating than any one out there. 100-1 this guy couldn't do any of these jobs or someone would be hiring him every week. Most people do the best they can so maybe we ought to cut them a little slack. Oh yah, and I'm sure after every run down the track he he knows exactly why the driver didn't go just a little farther.


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