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The Beach Boys in Westbury, Long Island, NY, April 2, 2017

Beach Boys at The Westbury Theater - Long Island, NY - April 2, 2017 - 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. shows.

Westbury Theater is one of the best venues to see anyone perform live and entertainers must love playing Westbury. The audiences are spontaneous, enthusiastic, and don’t stand on ceremony. If they like you, they stand right up and sing along. When Stamos is “in the house” his followers come out in droves. Uncle Jesse - and I think Stamos is not unlike the other "one name" phenomenon - Annette (Funicello) for introducing The Beach Boys to new fans.

After all these years of being what I consider myself - a 2nd gen Beach Boys fan, I finally "get" that The Beach Boys on the big screen (and the little screen) in those teen beach genre movies was my first exposure to their music. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure that out. I could observe it in my own kids, and pre-K student but didn’t make the connection for myself.

As part of the video display alongside the shows, The Beach Boys appear with Annette in the Disney movie "The Monkey’s Uncle," in their grey suits and pancake makeup, playing for a staged after-beach party. And I watched my pre-K kids coming into class singing Kokomo - in the late 80’s, as well as my own kids hollering from another room that the “Beach Boys are on Full House.” On some level history repeated itself. I had seen all of Annette’s Disney movies as my kids had seen every episode of Full House. Sometimes the most obvious is the least apparent.

It wasn’t the typical pre-teen radio exposure - it was the big screen/little screen that was my introduction to this music. And subsequent generations became fans in the same manner…

Yesterday Stamos moved from guitar, to drums, castanets, congas and keys and of course covered the intro to Forever (used in his “TV wedding" on Full House,) re-popularizing one of Dennis Wilson’s classics from Sunflower, from 1970, and onscreen closing out with black and white stills on the video screen of Two Lane Blacktop, the 1971 indie classic with James Taylor and Warren Oates.

Many thanks for the set-lists to Mike Peters - who keeps things operational during the shows onstage, swapping out guitars and troubleshooting sound issues that invariably crop up with the scores of electrical lines going to speakers, amps and guitars onstage - an unsung behind-the-scenes hero to be sure…as are all the support people who make the "stage magic" happen.

Surfin’ Safari
It’s OK
Catch A Wave
Little Honda
Do It Again
Surfin’ USA

Surfer Girl - 2nd show Jacquie Love danced with Mike!

Getcha Back - 2016 version

You're So Good To Me (2nd show - 7 pm)

Kiss Me Baby

Why do Fools Fall in Love
When I Grow up to be a Man

Be True to Your School (Hofstra)

Ballad of Ole Betsy
Don’t Worry Baby
Little Deuce Coupe
Shut Down

I Get Around - featured in The Flight of The Navigator (Disney) and Good Morning Vietnam (Robin Williams)

Forever - John Stamos on lead

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - BB quartet - Mike, Bruce, Scott, Ike

Disney Girls - Surf’s Up - Bruce Johnston 7 p.m. show

I Can Hear Music

God Only Knows - intro’d by John Stamos tribute to Carl - and mentioned having played it for his late mom, Loretta, at her passing. GOK - unconditional love is what that song it all about for those here, and those whom we’ve loved, who are gone. The best performance of God Only Knows, I’ve ever heard was at the Big E - in Springfield, Massachusetts when the video of Carl in Knebworth failed, and only Carl’s voice, under the star-covered night sky, filled the outdoors, supporting Carl’s consistent comments about music and "people being spirit." And, Carl…still singing from heaven.

Pisces Brothers - guitar by Totten - drums - Cowsill, Mike's tribute to late Beatle George Harrison.

Summer in Paradise

Sloop John B
Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Then I Kissed Her
California Girls - Long Island Girls!

Do You Wanna Dance - another Dennis Wilson classic

Help Me Rhonda

Rock and Roll Music - if you wanna dance with me! Chuck Berry classic!

Good Vibrations - 50th birthday year!


Barbara Ann - Stamos brought up a challenged adult to “play" his guitar - alongside the local Long Island Barbara Ann dancers! Another Full House Beach Boys fan!

Fun, Fun, Fun

Phenomenal New Yorker audience who rose and remained standing for the last third of the show. Thanks to the BB crew who keep things moving during the show, and light/sound guys, and the lovely Tara, who masterfully juggles the, pre, during and post-show details.

Westbury loved The Beach Boys - and can’t wait for them to return!


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