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Re(4): Fronton Mexico

Hi everyone,

This information comes from a website of handball www.aspepelota.com (To get a general idea)

Since ancient times, the bet has been attached to the ball game. It is difficult therefore to know the exact bet origin, since it is likely that it arose along with the game itself.
Operation of bets
The operation of betting on the fronton can be a little tricky for who goes first to a ball game, although it is then quite simple to understand. The trappings of the bet begins before the meeting. Brokers, according to the entity of the players and the opinion of the Chair, will open the session singing for one color or another. It is difficult to money carolers "on par" since there is almost always a couple or a player that starts as favorite. The proportion of money varies with the running of the match, and often the money which has come out in favour of one side, is changed and passed in favor of the contrary; i.e. the Chair is not always correct.
Bettors profits should subtract 16%, amount that are left the company and brokers.
Broker collects the bet of a spectator and, subsequently, fulfilling his work as an intermediary is the offer until someone accepts it. Depending on the advantage between the two disputing sides, it will be offered with more or less advantage. For example, if the offer is from 100€ to €60, broker means that someone advocates not Favorites, €100 for the favourite side, and seeking is someone who accept that Yes, playing €60. If someone wants to bet on the side it goes underneath, the runner must sing 60€ to €100.
When there is already a viewer who accepts the bet released, broker launches two tennis balls open to every one of the bettors. Within them is proof in which consists the amount wagered, the color which is played and the number of bet in question. Broker stays with the array of ballot, and makes a sign on their ballot to identify bettors.

Upon completion of the match winners and loosers and brokers gather to check the accounts add up. If not, is the broker has to put money in your Pocket if someone has not paid. According to brokers this does not usually occur.


The commitment in the 0-0 by the side that believes that he will win and already does not return to bet.
Expected to a side to go back to bet on it. Thus, risking less money, you can earn more.
Expected to a team or player to go ahead to bet and, thus, risking more money, earn somewhat less, but perhaps with less risk.
He bet according to the development of the match. To play a quantity by a side and, when the party is decanted by that side bet something on the other, in anticipation that there might be "somersault". It covers and is ensured to have earnings for the two colors. Which has backed those who lose, can reduce losses betting on the side that presumably will win.


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