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Re(3): Hips been fucked for a while, got an MRI. Results help plz

If it got worse after you stopped lifting then yes it's strange unless you were so much higher dosages of steroids and/or peptides that masked the pain and reduced the damage.
This is something that usually happens when athletes train too much volume on their jumping workout (track jumpers,sprinters,throwers,crossfitters) or having some sort of high vertical stress (impact of the foot on the ground) while standing or sitting during work times for many hours.Like being aboard a ship,a flying steward or a paramedic on a helicopter.It has more to do with repetition than acute stress.
Mini fracture could be present but when edema occurs it's not expectable what can happen to nerve endings or nerves passing through around the area.As i understand it the ball now is a bit too big for the socket and presses on surfaces it's not supposed to.And it's creating pains that resemble having calcified edges inside the joint (a lot of pain there).Your pains might be direct or they might be reflective.
You're still young and this is very good.
Keep your dosages low,no more than 350 test,200 deca per week,reduce water retention as much as possible through diet,when you have a big salty meal it would be wise to take a diuretic right after (but not every day).
Try swimming (zero gravity movement),serrapeptase in big dosages for a long time (200.000 iu every day for months) and see if your insurance covers hyperbaric/decompression chamber therapy which seems to really accelerate the healing process.


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