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Re(5): Hips been fucked for a while, got an MRI. Results help plz

Standing is really overlooked as a cause for problems so many times.Even the slightest deviation from balance of forces for a long time standing person can give you huge problems.This must be the main cause of your problem.
All surrounding tendons are super tight and the edema makes it even tighter.The fact that the edema is on the pelvis doesn't make it any easier because the edema might start immigrating to other pelvis regions as well.
What can be done right now:
-start a light training program with as full range of motion for the hip as possible.Very low squats for 10-15 reps with bodyweight.2-3 sets every day or every other day.If it's weak (could be) hold yourself upright by holding a door handle.This will strengthen and stretch at the same time the surrounding tissues.
Stretch the hip flexors.Do some light sets of abs.
Reduce dietary sodium,add potassium and take an antiaromatase with your test and deca and maybe some cabergoline too.Reduce the dosages for test and deca a bit.If your pain was less on less gear and training maybe this will lessen it again.Full ROM ,less gear ,antiestrogens and less water retention.Check your posture as much as possible,forces should be alligned,don't stand with most of your bodyweight on one leg .
I wish you the best,i'll be here anytime.I like this kind of posts where we can help each other.
Start these little changes and see what happens.


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