Re(4): Gators new motors

I still wanted to give my opinion on "why" there are so many different engines in use here.
A) Lack of V8s:
V8 gas "truck" engines are imports. Imagine all the V8 stuff used in Tractor Pulling said "Hyundai" or "Toyota" on it and to buy parts you'd have to speak a second language, because if you call the producer and don't speak Japanese, they hang up the phone on you. Then see how popular those engines would be in the US Mid West.
So with this comes B)
They are expensive. You have to spend app 30% more to run a Hemi in the EU than in the US - because you have to ship everything over and often need somebody helping you with translations etc.
After talking with many pullers in the US, there is one major difference I've figured - It's the infrastructure.
North Western Europe is an industrial hub for vehicle, AG machinery, aircraft, wind turbine and tool production and rather crowded. You pretty much have a CNC laser & 5 axis milling company every 20 mls and basically some retired guy with a lathe and mill in every town (like every 5mls) who is still doing some stuff on the side for some extra cash. Also the used market for CNC machinery is huge, so many teams have their workshops stuffed with 20 - 10 year old CNC equipment, which is considered "too slow" for production, but on which you can of course still get pretty much everything done - it just takes two coffees and a few cigarettes longer.
So it's relatively easy to get mechanical work done here, which opens up the possibility to do stuff "yourself" with engines that are available here.
And finally: The level of competition is not as tough, as there are not that many competitors who can afford to run the best the market has to offer. There might be one or two in your "local" circuit playing "hemi" in the top level, so you can still have plenty of fun and reasonable return in money by running in the top 5 with 2000 hp less than your top guys.


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