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Re(4): Colder than a Witch's Tit!

Yes, Chespo. Your better half and mine, who also has a puvblishing background, are singing from the same laundry list there, I reckon. My own Tamer adds that there is still much to be said for a publisher or agent with a good eye, in order to keep (and boost) some sort of quality control.
For myself, I've always treated the whole music/poetry/ whatever-I-do thing as a cottage industry. I long ago formulated a Tofler / Schmacher influencved cocktail. That is, that if I let the new technology free me, I could create an electronic cottage, selling enough of my products, with only a small quantity of 'fame' to help me publicise them. In this way, I could support myself. And indeed have done.'Rising above the din' is only a problem with say, live gigs. Or if I wanted to sell huge numbers books or records, instead of the tickover amount which I do. I already have my market,my marketplace my reputation and my long experience. Making a living from creative arts, is like making a living from cooking. Lots of people can do it. Lots of people fancy their chances and doing it. But to run a restaurant, it's not simply good enough just to be able to cook a dish, You must be able to cook that same dish (and several others) to the same high standard, nightly...and for the duration of its time on the menu. That's where the dilettantes and chancers will begin to fall some numbers at the fences. Old warhorses like me, however, will probably continue steadil, until we either get too old to continue or deceide to do something else. I've had the odd hard time, but I've not had to do 'a proper job' for deacdes now. It's hard to predict when the "Arts'n'Fame for All" bubble will burst...but be assured that it will.


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