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Re(1): Isn't if funny when we thought Hilliary was gonna win...

The scuttlebutt is that the dems had planned the OMG THE RUSSIANS ARE TO BLAME!!! shit well in advance in case anything went wrong, because it was the only way they could re-galvanize the most retarded of their base as well as have a convenient scapegoat for why their shitty identity politics platform sunk like a fucking rock.

Whatever the case, I just get a real kick out of the same people who always say "STOP WITH YOUR DUMB CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!!" to have become the ultimate fucking tinfoil hat wearers these days.

Here's a newsflash for the political left - there has never been a Russian connection, the MOST that the Russians possibly did is send their army of shitposting trolls to put out some pro-Trump shit online (which is not illegal or unethical, as liberals do the same by promoting specific candidates in non-US elections all the fucking time just as Obama just chimed in about the French elections, proving this point), so get the fuck over it. You lost, you can't go back in time and change your positions to something that doesn't suck, so just roll with it, learn from your fucking mistakes, and try to be better prepared in 3 years when you'll have the opportunity again.

Somehow, I expect that the left will fuck it all up another time in 2020, but ONLY after becoming the laughing stock for clinging on to this MUH RUSSIANS shit until nobody left will listen.

If there had been any actual involvement that was illegal between Trump and the Russkies, you can't honestly be dumb enough to believe it wouldn't have already been uncovered, but we are talking about liberals here, and they're thick as fuck when it comes to these things, they need logic beaten into their skulls over and over before they might consider anything to be true beyond their lame fairy tales.

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