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Here's what you don't seem to be capable of understanding

Even IF the Russians hacked the DNC, it has nothing to do with Trump, so that's what makes you tinfoil faggots so laughable.

And, something you liberals don't seems to get yet is this

1. Russians LOVE hacking shit EVERYWHERE. It's a game to them to see what they can break into. Not just political stuff, but EVERYTHING. They'll hack activist websites just to fuck with them in a heartbeat, so why WOULDN'T some Russkies test the waters to see if they could get into classified DNC info just to fuck with the system a bit when they do it all the time in a thousand different capacities? Government isn't special, and isn't exempt from their reach if they want to mess with a party. And what party would they want to fuck with? The party who keeps trying to drive a bigger wedge between the US and Russia, for fuck's sake.

2. You can talk about Russian hacking, but where's the proof that the Russian Government had anything to do with it? That's a proof that makes ALL the difference for your notions holding any water of any sort - if this was done by some underground hacking group who did it just to see if they could get through and steal data and if it's unconnected to their government having employed them to do so, it's all bullshit and bunk. That's like blaming...oh...an entire nation for the actions of one rogue individual, and you wouldn't do that now, would you? I mean, that's be the opposite of what liberals preach, you know, not to label a whole group due to the actions of one or a few people, so how do you reconcile this in your head? Either provide proof that Putin directly gave the order to hackers to break into the DNC's files and that Trump conspired in this personally, or, jump off a cliff.

Nevertheless, your arguments don't even connect Trump to anything, but keep on dreaming, it's the only thing that's preventing 50 million liberals from committing mass suicide ala Jonestown right about now. But, what will you do when this falls apart as well? Only so many more times you'll be able to pretend to have THE BIG SCOOP before even your own people won't believe it any longer.


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