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You're just upset

That a bunch of autistic kooks have been far more credible than your own party AND your own media sources. What a time to be alive, I'd always hoped to see a day when leftism really because the biggest joke in town, and we're finally there.

Nothing is sadder than grown adults who keep believing in a fairy tale of MUH TRAITOR TRUMP because you simply lack the coping skills to not have your favorite liberal in power.

That's all this ever boils down to - your party has created a generation of weak-minded faggots who can't handle anything NOT going their way, and the fact you lost the election is a sting you can't bear, which is why you keep going back to the same lies hoping they'll magically transform into truths if you keep repeating them. You HONESTLY believe that there's evidence of conspiracy that somehow had never come out? Don't be delusionally retarded, please.

It's going to be a great next few years watching you all twist yourselves into knots trying to come up with new stories to keep yourselves from losing your shit. What's the next thing going to be when the MUH RUSSIANS shit falls apart completely in the next few weeks? You do realize, once this dies out again, you can't keep using the same tired lies, so please, work on a new angle and at least keep the liberal bullshit new and exciting for once.


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