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>basically an open secret

Oh yeah, totally true, amirite? How is it that grown fucking men fall for lies because their emotional fragility won't let them accept reality? Fuck, this is just getting sad for what you'll believe just because you wish it were true. If there were evidence, Trump would have been gone before he took office. I can't believe that this doesn't make sense to you that you're eating a pile of shit and calling it dinner with these stories. You're actually believing that the system that did EVERYTHING to prevent Trump from taking office has somehow been hiding things to pull out NOW that they never did before? Are you really this delusional?

>firing your FBI director because he wouldn't drop an investigation

No, he was fired because of lack of confidence from many people in the administration. His "investigation turned up nothing, anyway. Get your facts right, please.

>code-word intelligence clearance

What are you on about now? Where are your facts? Oh, that's right, there are none, because if there were, Trump would already be out the door. How dumb are you?

>allegedly taking money from

WOW, allegedly sure is proof, this is hard-hitting evidence of the highest caliber!!! What a fucking laugh.

>last 7 days or so

So, all the things you think are impeachable just happened NOW? Interesting moving of the goalposts again, what will you do when this is proven to be bullshit like all the other "BIG STORIES OF TRUMP BEING A TRAITOR" that your media buried like a fucking corpse when they stunk from being discovered to be lies?

And, as always, mention Obama when you don't have any evidence, because that just helps your case, right?

Dude, you need to take a handful of valium, get away from the computer, and start thinking like a rational human being and not a tempestuous 10-year-old who didn't get his way. It was funny at first, but man, I'm feeling kind of bad for you now seeing how emotionally vested you are in complete lies and fabrications to where you just won't take your head out from the sand it's buried in.

Seek help.


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