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Re(1): Hillary is unfit for office because she's under investigation

She's unfit for office because she's proven to have mis-handled classified info and lied about it repeatedly (100% confirmed, not MUH RUSSIAN speculation bullshit) AND because she's a fucking cunt who would carry on shitty identity politics "business as usual" nonsense started by the last asshole in charge dragging the nation further into the gutter. We've had enough of presidents who want to make tranny bathrooms or absolution of guilt for minorities major issues of concern while spending trillions that do nothing to benefit the nation or the people who live in it.

One Clinton was enough, we don't need another. And fuck Chelsea for whenever she decides to run, too, I hope she gets curb stomped in the election of whatever office(s) she pursues.

Try again, dummy. Logic doesn't seem to be your strong suit based on your arguments here.


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