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Aliens on the Moon

I am very interested in the idea that extraterrestrials have now or have had at some point in time a presence on our moon. There seems to be a lot of evidence for this theory. Scientists have expressed an interest in exploring the moons of other planets in our solar system, such as Europa, Titan, and Phobos, to name a few, so it seems plausible that another race of beings might have interest in exploring our moon. It also seems like it would make a pretty good "observation post" for studying Earth, especially if bases were set up on the far side of the moon, out of view for the most part. If in fact they visited here millions of years ago, the earth would have been uninhabitable but the moon may have been a viable option. They may have left behind artifacts that, if discovered, would change the way that we view our own role in the hierarchy of interstellar civilizations. There also seems to be a lot of good evidence to show that NASA has been actively hiding things from the public about the moon and the earth by "airbrushing" images to conceal things from us. It has always seemed strange to me that so much exploration was done during a brief time in the late sixties and early seventies, and then it just stopped very abruptly. I don't buy the explanation that they ran out of finances or that they learned everything that they needed to know.

For anyone who is interested, I have posted a free video (no ads) on youtube that presents some very interesting evidence of extraterrestrial life on the lunar surface. It is entitled "Mysterious Lunar Anomalies"


Mysterious Lunar Anomalies

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