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to see a marching band

The wolf was born with the title of VAX.

VAX is young at this point, he is about 4 months old.

He is a male.

VAX is pure coated. Ivory cases his whole frame, which is about 1'10'' high. He has light blue eyes that are sunken into his skull. His frame is very frail and skinny, due from a lack of nutrition, and his epilepsy does not help him much either.

Quiet. VAX is not the kind to talk. If you hear his voice, you are considered lucky. So in a sense, many call him mysterious. He is lonely and feels abandoned. VAX feels like everyone is plotting against him, no matter what he does. He fears women the most, because he was extremely close to his mom, and it was his mom that decided to abandon him.

He is a grey wolf.

OOC: Niche

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