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Trapped In My Old Ways

 photo PicsArt_05-31-05.58.36_zpscgxxzmif.jpg
If You Love Me Then I Beg That You Just Leave

Name: Damon
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Damon is a large, muscular wolf with long, flowing pearly white fur. His body is marked in scars raking his body, most hidden behind his thick fur. His orbs are a bright orange, like embers from a fire they're scorching.
Personality: Damon is a malevolent force. He has meaning behind every method but bottles himself up. He knows no kindness. He knows no love. When he was just a pup he was taken away from his pack by his abusive father. He was taken from his mother and those who actually cared about him, beaten and bloodied for every move he made and every breath he'd take. He is a good hearted loyal man, but he's scared to get hurt deep down. He puts up his walls hoping that he won't get hurt again. He's scared to become his father.
Breed: Arctic

"I know I'm late but i hope you know that I'd kill to keep you safe."
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Forget My Name

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