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some things never sleep.

I would like to use the 1x Tame Predator in my bank to give Nanuqai a female Kermode Bear pet named Ashkii (os-hi-key).

Name: Nanuqai (nah-nook-eye)
Nickname: Nanuqai will permit people he likes to use Qai (said like "ky"), and doesn't mind Nanuq (nah-nook), but his mother called him Nanu/Nan so he's sensitive to people using it.
Biological sex: Male
Skin colour: Type IV
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: (Very) Dark Brown
Defects: Nanuqai is Dayblind; during the day, Nanuqai has a white film over his vision which can get weaker or stronger depending on his exposure to light sources. In dense shade, for example, he will be able to see somewhat (not great, but not completely blind either), but if he were to step into the sunlight he would become completely blind. He can see like a normal human at night (there is no film).
Free V13 power: Sea lion shifting (Australian Sea Lion)
Your player name: Raev

Detailed appearance: Nanuqai stands about six feet tall in bare feet. He has olive skin that is usually fairly dark year-round, partially due to his heritage and partially because he spends as much time as possible outdoors. He has high cheekbones, a straight nose, and almond-shaped eyes, similar to this man. He can be considered attractive, though in a very proud (almost arrogant) sort of way. He is clearly very physically active, with a body that is healthy and fit but not overly bulky. He wears his dark hair about shoulder-length and it's a bit shaggy (all different lengths); he previously wore it in a long braid as is the cultural norm for his father's people, but hacked off the braid recently. He now wears his hair tied back from his face with a scrap of leather, drawing more attention to the prematurely white spots at his temples. He has dark brown (almost black) eyes that are always a bit overly intense (he seems to be looking straight through to the core of whatever he's looking at, even when he's not focused on that person/thing). He bears tribal tattoos on his legs, arms, and chest, most notably a large bear pawprint on his left pectoral muscle; all tattoos are a dark blue/black color and clearly done using older methods (rather than those by, say, a tattoo gun). Qai has very little body hair and would struggle even to grow a mustache.
Personality: On his homeworld, Qai was proud, stubborn, and confident just this side of arrogance. He is very smart and extremely curious about the world around him, sometimes to the point of getting into trouble because of it ("curiosity killed the cat" situations). He currently speaks three languages, Quatol (his mother's tongue), Furlan (his father's tongue), and Common; Common is extremely close to English, so he'll be able to communicate with those who speak it fairly well, but some more modern terms will be strange to him (ex: "cell phone"). Qai is extremely shaken by recent events, though, and has become a bit more fearful and careful; he's also more shy around new people than he would have been at home in his element. He can be borderline aggressive at times, particularly if he doesn't understand something/feels stupid or like he's being made fun of. He is extremely protective of Ashkii, the only piece of home he has. If he were to make friends, he'd probably warm up and become more like his old self; he is a loyal and dedicated friend who would gladly defend his loved ones against any threat (real or imaginary), and would be quick to defend their "honor". Qai suffers intense nightmares based around his past and may even be prone to long bouts of insomnia/refusal to sleep.
Ambitions: Find a way to reconnect with the spirits; make a new life for himself; find safety/security; find his familiar (upgrade Ashkii).
Age: Qai is around 18/19 years old.
Ethnicity: Qai is half Qua (his mother's tribe, originating from the cold north) and half Furla (his father's tribe, originating from the southern plains). The Earth equivalent would be something like Inuit x Native American.
Gender: Cisgender
Sexual orientation: Likely heterosexual/heteroflexible; usually marriage pacts are made between parents, so Nanuqai has put more focus on the development of skills like hunting than romance.
Religion: Nanuqai's religion has no official name, but is the worship of Spirits (animal, human, and other). Spirits in his world are actually tangible and are visible to most people (though they can hide their presence if they're shy); ancestral spirits usually reside in the Realm of the Dead, but may get "day passes" to visit their relatives.
Anything else you wish to include: Since Ashkii will be his familiar eventually, maybe I should add it to my reserved names for now? :)
History: Nanquai grew up in his father's homeland; their tribe was small and very deeply connected, both to one another and to the Spirits. His abilities as a shaman manifested very early; he was visited by numerous ancestral spirits before he was even a year old and a parade of spirit animals followed shortly after. Nanuqai was trained rigorously from birth to follow his father's footsteps as the spiritual leader/healer of his tribe. When he was fourteen he was sent into the wilderness to find his personal spirit animal (a task necessary to be seen as an adult), but he returned defeated; he had been found unworthy for some reason. Though his father was as loving and supportive as ever, Qai felt he was a disappointment and stewed in his frustration. His yearmates teased him mercilessly for his failure, and Qai quickly became confrontational and rebellious; he often fought with anyone he could.

When he was sixteen, his father abruptly sent him back out on a quest (this was strange, the usual waiting period is three full years before attempting another search). After three days and three nights, Qai was approached by a large, cream-colored spirit bear. He sensed something was wrong with the spirit - a deep sadness - but was too overwhelmed by his success and to prove that he was finally a man to pay attention to the signs around him. Qai returned home to find he no longer had one; his father had sensed danger and deliberately sent him away. The entire tribe was killed off in a coordinated attack by a rival tribe who had made a deal with dark spirits (demons). Nanuqai buried his people - every single one of them. It took him several long days, and the process was extremely exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically. When he finished his job he laid down, unable to move, and was approached again by the bear. Though Nanuqai wanted nothing more than to get revenge, the bear told him it was not the proper time. He reluctantly followed its advice and became a nomad. For the last few years he has wandered aimlessly through his homeland, learning as much as he could.

He recently arrived in Shaman purely by accident, and has received a massive culture shock; Ashkii, who resembles his spirit bear, is the only thing he has to remind him of home, and he's reeling from the abrupt disconnection from the Spirits and his homeworld.

Sample post:
Nanuqai sat alone in the forest, trying with all his might to meditate. But the blood kept rushing in his ears, and his nose kept tingling, and his eyes, oh, how they wanted to open! He knew this time, this time he'd definitely find his spirit. He'd return home and see the pride in his father's eyes again, the dismay in the eyes of those who had doubted him. Perhaps he'd find a rare and powerful spirit, just to rub it in their faces! Unable to stop himself, Nanuqai let out a little chuckle and was met with a loud snort. A blast of warm air, thick with an earthy smell, brushed his face, and with a start Qai opened his eyes. Before him stood a massive bear, creamy-white with the pale blue glow all peaceful Spirits bore. A small streak of disappointment - the bear was a somewhat common spirit, albeit a perfectly honorable and strong one - was quietly acknowledged and then nudged aside, letting the more positive emotions flood him.

"You are my spirit, aren't you?" he whispered breathlessly, popping to his feet to drop a respectful (and very quick) bow.

Yes... whispered the bear, its voice deep and quiet. Nanuqai frowned, his head cocking to the side.

"Do I trouble you, Spirit?"


Nanuqai's frown deepend. Why was he never good enough? For the tribe, for his father, for the very spirit that he'd been meant for since his birth. He gazed deeply into the Spirit's soft brown eyes, and felt a chill run down his spine. Qai dropped his gaze, hunching his shoulders defensively.

"Thank you," Nanuqai said stiffly, his enthusiasm visibly dulled, and with another bow he presented the bear with a carefully wrapped honeycomb, the Spirit's favored food. "I hope to see you again soon, Spirit."

Wait... said the Spirit, but Nanuqai could feel the tears forming in his burning eyes. Tears of anger, of disappointment; tears he dared not allow to fall. He did not want the Spirit to see his weakness, and so he left that clearing against the bear's wishes...

The trek home was long and filled with mishaps. Singed fingers, stolen food, and more bumps and bruises than he cared to count marked off the time, but the plume of smoke in the distance called him home... Until the second day, when he was only a few hours out, and the plume died. The fires always burned, always called the hunters home each day, and Nanuqai picked up his pace without even thinking about it. He ran in silence so deep and dark it petrified him. Where were the Spirits? By now they should have flooded in from the forest to greet him, eager to hear his stories and check his pockets for treats...

He topped the rise and fell to his knees as his entire world imploded. The village, usually bustling, was still and silent but for the buzzing of flies. Where once there should be the smell of cook fires and the warm honey-like scent of Spirits and humans living in harmony there was only brimstone and decay. The grief clawed its way up his throat until all he could think about was screaming, screaming until there was nothing left. His eyes burned again, painful and raw this time, but he could not cry: there was work to be done.

Two days a man, and already he buried his parents. His friends, and their parents. Everyone he had ever known, everyone he'd ever liked or hated or loved, his entire world laid out in tidy rows. His eyes burned and ached, heavy with exhaustion and unrelenting pain, and though he wanted to give in - to hunger, to sleep, to rest - he persevered until they were all buried. On the final night, he collapsed again to his knees, and the skies broke open, watering the fresh graves. And he wept, on the cold wet ground, until he thought he'd die from it.

In the morning, he woke to darkness despite the sunlight on his face. A heavy breath ruffled his hair again, and Nanuqai sighed, wrapping his tired, aching arms around the bear's thick neck. It pulled him to his feet, rested against him in gentle support. Nanuqai had heard the legends before, that the dayblindness came with such heavy burdens; he had seen too much to go on as he had before, and now he would never again he see the sunlight.

"Where did they go, Spirit?" he whispered quietly. His voice was steady even though his heart was not. "I can still fight in the dark, I am still man enough to take my revenge from their flesh."

No... replied the Spirit. Nanuqai felt the anger rise in his throat, but the bear's thoughts became his own. What good would revenge do him? Would it raise his family from the dead? Would it heal his vision? Reluctant though he was, he knew the bear was right. Revenge, right now and right here, was nothing but arrogance. He would not dishonor his family, his father's sacrifice, by getting himself killed. He gathered his belongings - his impairment lessened slightly by the darkness within his hut - and set out in search of... something.

He woke in the dark, his mouth dry and his heart pounding. The silence pressed in on him from all angles, made him ache with the agony of it. It was just like back then, that fateful day three years before when his world came crashing down on him. His breathing was sharp and rushed, his stomach rolling. Why hadn't he woken up from the nightmare yet? He felt the sunlight on his face, but saw only the dark. The smell of wet, sun-warmed earth filled his nose, the green of growing things... Birds chirped and chattered in the trees above, but still he could not find them. No matter how far he stretched his senses, no matter how hard his mind sought, there were no Spirits. None.

Or was it that he'd lost the sense somehow? Grown deaf and dumb to their presence? The thought terrified him, filled him with such desperate anxiety he wasn't sure he could survive.

And then a warm breath ruffled his shorn hair. His world stopped spinning, his mind stopped racing. He could breathe again. His hand reached up, tentatively ran along a large head poised above his own. The feeling was different - this was no spirit - but something inside him sighed with relief; the familiarity was enough, for now. Nanuqai got slowly to his feet, burying a hand in dense wet fur. His bare feet squished in the wet earth, and he realized what was wrong - this wasn't home. This was not his place.

"Ashkii... Where are we?"

The bear headbutted Nanuqai affectionately, nearly knocking him off his feet, and snuffled at his face again. Absently handing it a piece of honeycomb, he craned his neck in all directions until at last the smell of food hit him. Where there was food, there were others. It was time to get some answers.

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