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Trapped inside

Name: Kyruka
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kyruka is a muscular she-wolf. Usually looked down on because of the fact that she is a female. and not a male. With a coat, as black as night along with white underfur and Light blue eyes.

>>Personality: Mood swings, changes mood often. Goes from happy to disoriented within seconds.

Breed: Gray Wolf,
History: When she was a pup, the person that claimed to be her mother was an arctic wolf. the other that claimed to be the father was a pitch black gray wolf. Due to losing her parents, she became emotionless and had the urge to kill other wolves when angry. when sad she doesn't speak unless she is given a good reason. when insulted she would use a catlike skill. she would puff out her fur and would look 2x bigger. no one knows how she has this skill. Dislikes being bossed around.

Email shared by: Dakota and her brother Ryan
Main Person: Dakota

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