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Hi Richard : I will put on my two cents on this. As far as the D17 that you are talking about that was in the pro-stock class I believe you would be referring to Earl Trewins old one that now sits at Brian Berkhotz place (spelling) while Earl owned that tractor I believe it was never on Alcohol only AV Gas. As far as wearing a balaclava Brian might have after he bought it because I believe he went alcohol. Before this year they were not required on anything other that alcohol but with roll cages and 5 point harnesses mandatory it was felt it was needed. I know as far as Earl he wore a balaclava for the first time this past Friday Night. As for why antiques are not wearing them. Stock RPM no Rollcage no 5 point and gas or diesel. We at this time feel they are safe. Now your other question about sled operators. Over in Europe they wear helmets. Some of sleds over there are not equipped with cabs so maybe that's why, just assuming.In North America it is not required. Most if not all have seat belts in them which is adequate. As far as a 5 point I would not want to be in one. If you are at one of our pulls I will strap you in mine. The ability to move around is zero. I can get to my essential switches that I need but that's it . You are locked in there so I would think it would be impractical.


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