Re(1): Women pullers

My wife has been pulling her own ride since 1995. Something that you need to realize about most of the women involved in driving there own ride is that they are usually involved most aspects of there pulling teams. No not many of the turn wrenches (more than you might realize do)but they do all of the other things than make pulling possible for their familys. Stuff like,getting the hauler liveable,getting food ready cleaning up around the shop and here is a biggey writing the checks that pay for what we do

Most of these women have more input than you might think when it comes to setting up their ride. My wife will read me the riot act if I don't put the amount of weight on the front of her tractor that she wants or if I don't spot the sled where she wants it. I've been in trouble for that last one several times! ☺ Just because a woman doesn't do "everthing" involved with their ride doesn't make them any lesser of a competitor,as someone else mentioned their are plenty of men that rely on other people to do most of the work on their rides. I don't put my engines together, does that make me a lesser puller than a puller who does? I would hope not. I have a lot of admiration for people that do it all but at the same time I admire a lot of people that just drive because they are good at it. The Banter Brothers went for many years with guys that just drove for them,because they were good drivers.

S'no Farmer


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