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These New Demons
They're Eating Me Alive

Name: Starfire
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Appearance: Starfire is dressed as your traditional maned wolf, long pillars dipping in black, her nape to match, a banner in white, and a mask of the night. Her red pelt is as vibrant as fire itself, natural oranges and yellows blending together beautifully as if she was kissed by fire. Her orbs are as pink as wildflowers growing in the fields, glowing and enchanting.
Personality: Starfire is battling herself and her demons. Part of her wants to go back to her old abusive relationship yet she knows she's better than that. She battles herself with self image, anxiety and several other things, including, though she knows she will never be able to go through with it, suicide. She's very headstrong and bright. Her tongue is as sharp as knives and she can never seem to hold it. She trusts no one.
Breed: Maned wolf

"If I cant have you, then nobody else can."
Pushing And Pulling
The Horror From Inside


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