Rain, a hurt Magic Mike and tournament causing a record low amout of games for month of June

A combination of Mike getting injured, a national amateur court championship event in Connecticut and continuous rainy days has severely limited the amount of Puryear Park action this month.

Through May 30th, we were on pace to easily surpass the most amount of games played in a season. But the walls have come trumbling down as only 13 GAMES have been played in the first 3 weeks of June - a total usually reached on a single Sunday evening alone!

Mike's injury sidelined him for the first time in his career for much of the month a May. The national amateur court championships at Matt's Court in Connecticut halted any action the first few days of June along with bad weather and Mike's injury. It seems the rain started in the Tampa Bay area as 8 players made the journey to the Constitution State on June 1st.

Only three performances have been held in June - two of them halted at or during the second game. Rain forecast is expected to continue for the week which may prolong the dry spell of action. Ironically, this rain is all coming after the longest dry spell in our area in over 100 years.

A normal month will have 17-18 performances with anywhere from 6-14 games being played to 15 points per performance.


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