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Rev transfers.

done up like the db for ease. i should have one more coming later too.

Name: Mohana
Sex: Female
Heritage: Unknown
Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin colour: Fair
Children: --
Familiar: --
Level: Points: III:150*
Ren: --
Defects: --
Powers: --
Traits: Identical twin to Zohar
Coins: --
Assigned Items: --
Status: Alive
Player: Aspelta

* Mohana was level 1, 0 marks on Rev so would be transferred as that here; however, I am taking 150 points from my bank to boost her to level iii here.

Name: Zohar
Sex: Female
Heritage: Unknown
Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin colour: Fair
Children: --
Familiar: --
Level: Points: IV:250*
Ren: --
Defects: --
Powers: Fire Manipulation; Fiery Weapon; Flame Immunity; Fiery Construct; Flammable Blood**
Traits: Identical twin to Zohar
Coins: --
Assigned Items: Pegasus (male, black, Tempest)
Status: Alive
Player: Aspelta

* Zohar was level 4 on Rev.
** Powers all transferred from Rev and the non-Shamany ones described thus;

FIERY WEAPON (Level Two Power)
Zohar can summon a sword, axe, pike, or spear that is entirely composed of fire. The weapon is not as strong as a regular one would be, but is still capable of causing physical damage along with burns. This is considered an offensive power.

FLAME IMMUNITY (Level Two Power)
Zohar is immune to flames, and cannot be burned by them. This does not prevent burns from hot metals (etc.), and cannot be passed on/shared with another. This power is considered preventative.

FIERY CONSTRUCT (Level Three Power)
Zohar can create a small creature composed of fire. This creature gives off a lot of light (not enough to make it uncomfortable to look at, but enough that it will illuminate dark ares) and minimal heat. This power is considered defensive.

FLAMMABLE BLOOD (Level Four Power)
Zohar's blood is naturally flammable once it exits her body. This means that she could take her own blood, throw it on something, and set that something on fire (the effect is similar to gasoline). Inside the body, the blood is not flammable (so you can't accidentally set her blood on fire inside yourself). This power is considered offensive.

Name: Rhyolite
Sex: Female
Heritage: Unknown
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Red*
Skin colour: Brown
Children: --
Familiar: Worthless (female tidal aja, Water Manipulation)**
Level: Points: III:150****
Ren: --
Defects: --
Powers: Affinity (plants)***
Traits: --
Coins: --
Assigned Items: --
Status: Alive
Player: Aspelta

* Unnatural red eyes, transferred from Rev.
** Mythical aja familiar, transferred from Rev. An aja is an elemental horse. Worthless had the water manipulation ability independent of Rhyolite, and this is a power associated with her species.
*** Rhyolite’s powers on Rev related to helping plants grow. The closest we have to this on Shaman is an affinity with plants.
**** Rhyolite was level 2 on Rev, but Worthless was level 3 (familiars and humans level independently of each other there), so I wasn’t sure how to work this. I’ve put Rhyolite at level 3, so her original level + a single boost from Worthless’ levels, but if you think it should be something different then just change it to that xD

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