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copied Aspelta's template; these are transfers from Revelations

Name: Faeyra
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Heritage: Unknown (Knellan)
Hair Color: Dark Lavender
Eye Color: Pale Lavender
Skin Color: Tan
Children: --
Familiar: Gnaw, a male Bull Mastiff
--> Appearance: Dark blue (natural hue) fur with a white patch on his chest and cropped ears. Tail is not docked. For gaining level two, Gnaw received an elemental gem. His is in the shape of a wing and is bright yellow; it is worn on his purple collar. After gaining level three, feathers were mixed into his coat to give him a marginally "fluffier" appearance. They are the same color as his fur. [if this is okay! If not, feel free to remove feathers!]
--> Defects: Several scars and a small but visible limp from being taken captive by Black Market Barkers.
Level: Points: Up to admin? Faeyra was a level one NMU, but her familiar Gnaw was level four.
Ren: --
Defects: [Not sure if these count for the DB, but] Several small scars on upper arms and hands from battle; a prominent scar on her chest from being stabbed.
Powers: May need to be converted to Shaman equiv?
* ATHLETIC: Faeyra's body is in prime shape. She is strong and has great endurance, stamina, and generally better health than a normal human. She is also less likely to become ill.
* FAKE DEATH: Faeyra can appear completely dead for up to 24 hours with mandatory breaks in-between. This means her body ceases to function in all ways until she wills it otherwise. This will fool 99% of the population, and even that other 1% will be left wondering.
* SEA OTTER SHIFTING: Faeyra had a normal Sea Otter true form, could be her V13 power! :)
Traits: Unique Hair & Eyes?
Coins: --
Assigned Items: I'd like to give her my 1x Imitation Staff of the Dead from my bank to replace her glaive on Rev. She'll also have a horse detailed below!
Status: Alive
Player: Ræv

Faeyra's Horse:
Faeyra has a female warhorse named Seven. She is bay with a white blaze and has a leaner build than most warhorses, allowing for increased speed and stamina.

Name: Cypress
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Heritage: Theoden x Birch
Hair: Dark Brown (Chestnut)
Eyes: Hazel (usual Green/Brown)
Skin: Medium Brown
Children: --
Familiar: Useless, a male Havenese
Level: Points: Both Cy & Useless were level one on Rev.
Ren: --
Defects: None
Cypress had an ability called "Heart of Hounds" on Rev, which she had leveled up through all five levels:
Heart of the Hound I
Cypress is naturally drawn to canines and vice versa. They seem to treat her as a fellow canine more than a human! Most canines will respond positively to her, even if they are normally distrustful or unpleasant to other humans.

Heart of the Hound II
Cypress has an innate understanding of canine body language, sounds, etc. She will need to practice to increase its accuracy, but will be right about 80 - 90% of the time.

Heart of the Hound III
Cypress' has the ability to imitate canine sounds, and has body language that is easily read by canines. This allows her to more easily gain their trust and communicate with them on their level. She can convert canine actions/sounds into human speech easily (example: a dog growls and the owner can't figure it out. Cypress could translate it and say "He hears something he doesn't like outside".)

Heart of the Hound IV
Cypress can train canines to perform unique or more "human-like" behaviors or "tricks" quickly and with greater ease than most. This would, for example, allow her to teach a canine to wait until an opponent is distracted to attack, learn to close a door behind themselves, or even understand commands in other languages. This skill is most effective on domestic dogs, but can be used to a lesser extent on wild canines.

Heart of the Hound V
Canines become more intelligent and human-like from spending an extended period of time (three or more months) in her company. They respond to a wide variety of commands and words, can count, can communicate through body language that is not necessarily normal for their species, etc. For example, someone could send their dog to scout. When it returns, it sits down and lifts and drops its paw four times, then sneezes, in order to indicate that there are four people ahead with unknown intentions. The boon is slight with a canine that is just hanging around her (might be noticeably more intelligent, but not by much), but stronger with canines she actively works with to train. This skill is most effective on domestic dogs; it can be used on wild canines, however, they have less patience and don't always cooperate with her attempts to teach them!

If she gets a V13 power, I'd like Water Breathing (Photosynthesis instead, please!). :)
Traits: Would it be at all possible to do some sort of "guarantee" or possibly have an admin note somewhere that she won't receive any shapeshifting skills until/if I purchase them? She was a Throwback on Revelations and I'd like to keep that aspect of her if possible. :)
Coins: --
Assigned Items: None, she'll be bringing two dogs with her but Aspie says they don't need to be in DB.
Status: Alive
Player: Ræv

Using the 1x Bottle Death Glitter to bring this character back to life. I listed only the changes applicable for her profile!
Name: Olive
Age: 16 Years
Familiar: Goose, a male Tibetan Snow Lion (already in DB, just wanted to confirm he also came back to life here!)
Level: Points: Both Olive & Goose were level one on Rev, I know Olive had 107 points and was level II here so not sure if anything changes?
Powers: If possible I would like her to keep her original stuff, and also add one thing from Rev?
* THIRD EYE (or Shaman Equiv)
Olive can see and hear earth-bound spirits; "spirits" is a general term which incorporates both ghosts (the spirits of deceased humans or animals) and elemental spirits (inhuman beings, such as corrupted human souls (demons), sprites, and fairies). This power is considered neutral.
Status: Alive
Player: Ræv

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