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Herchel && Sachael Rejoin


. : Herchel : .

. : Male : .

. : Adult : .

. : Herchel is a large ivory male, his left leg is dipped in midnight, and he wears both a mask and crown of the same black coloring. His eyes are similar to fire opal, red and orange marbled together that glimmer in the sunlight. Herchel is a carbon copy of his smaller twin sister, Sachael : .

. :Herchel was originally part of Lucifer's large army that he brought to Blossom Forest, and completely and utterly loyal to him, however since his disappearance Herchel has been searching high and low for his master, Sachael in tow. Unable to find him they have returned to Blossom Forest to try and find a new purpose… : .

. : Sachael : .

. : Female : .

. : Adult : .

. : Sachael is smaller than Herchel, however she is still rather large for a queen, her ivory coat is of a purer color than Herchel's appearing as fresh fallen snow, while Herchel's coat is a more crème base. She bears the same left ebon dipped limb, and wears the same black mask and crown of her brother. Her optics also bearing the unique marbling found only in the precious stone of fire opal : .

. : Sachael's loyalties lie first and foremost to her twin brother, although she strives to put Lucifer first, she may never be capable of sacrificing the bond she shares with her brother. Sachael is more open to talking than her brother, and often, unless speaking to Lucifer, she speaks for the both of them. Hachel and Sachael share a very close bond, speaking often with gestures and shared looks, the closeness between the two often makes those nearby uncomfortable, as many feel it is unnatural, however, while the twins are not mated, because of the bond they share, they will most likely never take their own mates, preferring the company of their sibling instead : .


Herchel . Male . Unmated . Loyal to Sachael. Malignant Felicity . Sachael . Female . Unmated . Loyal to Herchel . Malignant Felicity .

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