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another transfer

decided i couldn't leave rye behind D:

Name: Amanirenas
Sex: Female
Heritage: Unknown
Hair Colour: Dark blonde
Eye Colour: Amber
Skin colour: Light brown
Children: --
Familiar: Tantamani (male pygmy marmoset)
Level: Points: III:150
Ren: --
Defects: --
Powers: Hospice; Pain Suppression; Corpse Mind; Air Manipulation*
Traits: --
Coins: --
Assigned Items: Magic Bandanna; Upgraded Archer's Set**
Status: Alive
Player: Aspelta

* The first 3 powers are transfers, defined as:

HOSPICE (Level One Power)
Rye is able to ease the process of dying for another character/creature. They can calm emotional distress, soothe pain and discomfort, and in general make the transition more bearable. This is considered a neutral power.
Category: Relief

Rye is able to suppress the pain she and/or others are experiencing for a short period of time. This does not actually heal the injury, but will remove or reduce the pain experienced. This is considered a neutral power.
Category: Relief

CORPSE MIND (Level Three Power)
Rye is able to temporarily possess the mind of a recently deceased person or animal and relive the last moments of their life (at first she may only gain a few seconds of their memory, but with more experience could probably relive up to half an hour before their death). The duration and detail of their experience will also change depending on how long the individual has been dead; the spell is most effective on those who have died a few moments ago, but can be used on someone who has been dead for up to an hour. This will allow her to see, hear, smell, taste, and experience all the sensations they did (unfortunately, this also includes experiencing the sensation of dying). This is considered a neutral power.

Air Manipulation is her free V13 power.

** Descriptions of items:
Bandanna (Shady Bandanna)
A soft pearlescent white bandanna that never gets dirty no matter how much she wears it or where she takes it. When worn, Rye will not only experience some relief from the intense heat of the desert, but she'll also develop sharp claw-like nails like those of Tantamani! These are great for defense in hand-to-hand combat situations, and would also make climbing trees and sandy dunes a bit easier!

Weapon (Upgraded Archer's Set)
An archery set complete with arrows, purchased upon joining. It was later upgraded when Rye passed her Ranger certification; deep engravings now cover the length of the bow and are meant to resemble the area around her, with her location being at the center of the bow. The rest of the engravings will shift and show the animals in the nearby vicinity; the wood will also "knot", engravings will deepen, or the engravings will grow more intricate to indicate the number of each animal type. For example, an antelope engraving may appear at the top of the bow with an extremely intricate design, indicating a herd of antelope is grazing on Rye's left, while a small, plain rabbit appears at the bottom of the bow, indicating a single rabbit is foraging on Rye's right. Masses of vine-like patterns indicate corrupted creatures and smooth, bare sections indicate humans. When it's time to shoot or if she needed to hide the item's true nature for any reason, Rye can also "wipe" the bow simply by asking.
Worth: Invaluable; Tradable? No (graduation reward)

Other notes:
* Certified Ranger/Hunter
* Has a male African bush elephant pet called Alara
* Known more commonly as "Rye"
* Gender-fluid


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