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6 Oct '19

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accepted >>

Whee, I’m so excited to have Quinn back! <3

Few points:

1. Tarquin’s ‘Athletic’ ability has been re-classified as ‘Super Health’. If you feel this doesn’t adequately express his previous ability, please post on updates with a suggestion for another power which makes up the difference.
2. Tarquin’s ‘Physical Strength’ ability has been re-classified as ‘Super Strength’.
3. All characters on Shaman have wings from level 3 up, so these are not listed in the db.
4. All characters on Shaman can change their hair/eye colour to any colour and alter hair length at will from level 4 up, so this is not listed in the db. I’ve listed ‘Platinum’ as hair colour in the db since colours are changeable so we usually just list the ‘natural’ colour.
5. I haven’t included the ‘Terrible Visage’ ability in the db yet because it may overlap with characters’ natural abilities through level ups. If you don’t mind, would you be able to check out those abilities here? If you’re satisfied that those cover what you want to do with Quinn then that’s cool, and if you want to retain the old ‘Terrible Visage’ ability then just post on updates and we can add it in.
6. Some other powers have been renamed to reflect the way powers are worded on this site, but what Tarquin can do with those powers remains the same. I’ve listed the name changes below.
7. Only pets with unique alterations have been listed in the db since we only list mythical, magical or extinct pets, but you can of course continue to use the others in your posts.
8. I have transferred Quinn’s pendant over, but he no longer needs it to change his appearance, as this is something characters gain through level-ups on Shaman.
9. +20 points awarded for sample post!
10. Tarquin was previously listed as ‘sterile’ when he joined Shaman before; if you don’t want to retain this on your transfer version, just post on updates!

Power name changes:

Half-shifting -> Part-shifting
Indomitable Will -> Psychic Resistance
Superb Equilibrium -> Super Equilibrium
Vampire I & II -> Vampirism
Blood Memory I -> Reverse Blood Memory
Blood Memory II -> Blood Memory

Item name changes:
Armor -> Dragonskin Armour
Needs Kit -> Upgraded Poppins Bag
Figurines -> Psychic Figurines
Staff -> Magic Shepherd’s Staff
Token -> Dreamwalker Token
Horn -> Time Freeze Horn

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