and it's my whole heart [prize?] - " />
and it's my whole heart [prize?]

She was in big trouble. Like, the biggest, worstest trouble in the whole wide world. Her mama was gonna wring her neck! It had all made sense at first, cuz her bird Lucie hadn't been able to come up to the surface yet and was stuck down here, so Zel could only visit her every once in awhile, but this time when Zel made it down, the bird hadn't been there, and so Zel had thought that the best way to find her little friend was to get up somewhere high, where the bird could see her. And then her shoelace had come untied for the bajillion and a half time that day, and so she'd just sort of bent over to fix it and... tumbled, just a bit... And now she was dangling over a big drop (looking down made her dizzy so she slammed her eyes shut) by her fingertips and her tummy was doing backflips and boy, she'd really done it this time hadn't she?

Zel let out a big scream as a gust of wind shook her, making her grip falter a bit. It just so happened that her scream coincided with the arrival of a second person, and Zel blinked big, innocent eyes up at Aura as the woman scrambled forward to help her and then backed up again. Her lower lip trembled.

"I'm sorry I'm a bad girl, I promise I won't ever ever do anything like this ever again. Please will you help me?" she asked, holding a shaky hand out to the woman. She quickly replaced it, only to feel the loose stone give way and go tumbling down. She set her hand down on something - she couldn't tell what - and shivered at another gust of wind.

Zel quickly reached into the front of her dress, pulling her familiar free and setting her on the roof. If she was going to fall, she didn't want Aurora tumbling down too! The wood mouse clung to the roof, shaking as hard as Zel was.

"A-aren't you going t-t-to help her?!" the mouse exclaimed in a much louder voice than normal, shivering from top to bottom as she paced. "Her arms are getting tired! S-s-she can't hold on much longer!"

[ooc] Majority of this post was done from my phone so sorry in advance for anything weird lol! If no one comes I'll send in Bo or have Zel use her Light Creation but thought it'd be fun to leave it open for a bit in case someone had an idea! :3 [/ooc]


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