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Na mém obličeji nosíš úsměv, ale uvnitř je démon

Name: Frekari
Age (pup, teen, adult): adult
Gender: female
Appearance (include at the minimum coat and eye color): red coat with black tuff of fur on her back, black legs up until her elbows, and black muzzle with black tipped ears, white patch on her chest and on the tip of her tail, the tip of her tail is also scarred, very lanky as most maned wolves are, she is on the smaller side of the maned wolf spectrum as being the runt of her litter, she has light brown eyes
Personality: shes very maniacal, very snarky and sarcastic, Kari can be really disrespectful until someone puts her in her place.
Breed: Maned Wolf
History (optional): Frekari had a emotional upbringing, being abandoned by her mother and siblings just after she was able to fend for herself, she kept moving and ate scraps off carcasses that other animals had left, when she finally found a forest to settle into, she woke to find it burning to the ground, in an effort to escape; she ran whatever way felt right and ended with burns on the end of her tail, though the fur started to grow back finally, she learned to be mean to others to keep her own heart safe from anymore breaking after her family left her.
OOC: Liberty

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