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Re(1): Question for StraymarJA

No I haven't done that. In some of my records I keep, I would write down all of the game points on trifectas/supers and indicate PG by the result if it was a perfect game runout, but don't have complete stats on that (missed watching some of the games, matinees especially when working).

Being former engineer (recently retired) I have done lots of stats analysis of jai-alai since 1978. Traveled to many frontons in Florida back then and accumulated programs from each and thus noticed trifecta trends and kept compiling them and added tri wins to get 60,000 games of results by 1982 (converted those # of wins into $2 break-evens on each trifecta and started tracking $2 payoffs and looking at the computer sheets they would hang on wall for public to see, calculating $2 payoffs from sets of sheets to see what they paid IF they came in, rough work doing this all with a calculator, many late nights doing that, figuring different systems that had extremely close total % wins no matter what fronton). That's how I got interest in the sport, from a profit perspective. Back then I didn't have to cheat like some system players did (they manipulated program numbers, fixed games, who knows what to get an edge). Did have a few list players tell me they were going to get my list and load up on my numbers so I get low payoffs. One told me I would be eating mashed potatoes soon....lol. I would just go, advance my same list of trifectas each game (anywhere from 20-50 each game), enjoy watching the games and drinking beer. Giant crowds back then, lots of excitement. I mostly wagered at Tampa & Orlando from early to mid 80's. Would get down to Palm Beach once in a while then.

I do have each of the superfecta game points and potential playoff results if player won for most of the game 9's since September. They aren't on a spreadsheet, just handwritten on a entries printout each day from the Dania website. Also tracked how much was in each gross trifecta/superfecta pool along with payoffs. Had those in a spreadsheet going back to 2014, was trying to see if there was any viable system of playing the same list of trifectas each game and which ones were most profitable (tried to get cream of the crop profitable ones and tried playing them, did poorly and had to stop, trifectas 8/36/36 were pretty solid money makers and I did well on those sometimes, paying way above break-even). Eventually quit updating the spreadsheet, but have data to go back and update if wanted to. Really rough to turn a profit these days. I always loved 8-3-7 at frontons, but that's been a rough one to profit on at Dania, didn't even hit once during the last meet. least not that I remember.

A while after Pick 5 was introduced at Dania I started separating out the singles and doubles records for each of the players and do have that info on excel spreadsheets. Always been a details guy and enjoy working with data, trying to find an advantage. Been tracking what's in P5 pool each performance, what it paid on, what payoff was. I did hit a $2 Pick 5 at Palm Beach (think it was late 1980's) that paid $30,000. I had done 100 $2 tickets, total of $200, left out post 1&2 those games as they were very poor replacement players during the strike that very rarely won (back court players Gary and Harvey) and locked this player named Mink in post 6 who did pretty good. I was 4/4 on a ticket 45886 and Mink ran a perfect game. That was really exciting. It was a computer bet that was generated where not one of the 100 tickets could be paired-up with any other ticket (program eliminated too much similarity from one ticket to another). Concept was to try to do well on consolation payoffs, you could only get one ticket 4/5 from the tickets played. It was similar to the concept some of the big Pick 6 players were using on Jai-Alai closing nights (they were cleaning up years ago prior to my discovery, I figured it out too late). It did work well for me at Dania once on a closing night (again late 80's I believe), hit the 2-2-2-2-5-5 on a closing night for $90,000 by playing a bunch of straight $2 Pick 6's off a computer bet. I had a few partners but made about $30,000 gross myself on that too. Think the total bet was around $6k, had to fill out 3000 betting slips and then get those all run through at windows. Quite a big job to do something like that. Had a little success at Miami Pick 6 in the later years doing that too. Hit 5 of 6 on closing nights several times. I remember one time, I was 5/5 on a ticket and Joey overserved in the last P6 game for game point (if he had won the point I had 6/6). Overall a lot of good jai-alai memories, too bad those days are gone (strike, de-regulation where seasons can be whenever you want, FLORIDA LOTTERY, casinos, now there are just too many things to gamble on and there is only so much people have to spend).


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