The caves are where it all started. They allowed the first wandering wolves access to the land of Blossom Forest, and afterward housed the monster that had threatened the earliest of inhabitants. The heroes had slain it, yes, but in doing so had also closed off one of the pathways in the caverns, magic blocking one of the many exits to Blossom Forest. But over the years, the original spell has weakened and now the way is clear. What will not only crawl out of the caverns, but erupt from it? The caves now thrum with the ever growing magic wellspring as it spreads out into the land. It is from here that the first vampire of Blossom Forest was corrupted, and it is here that any subsequent vampire will be born. To traverse its paths is dangerous - there is an almost impenetrable darkness, and in that abyss lays many secrets - hidden holes one could fall through, weakened floors, and then of course there is the labyrinthe itself. No one knows what the deeper levels hold - no one has traveled them and survived to tell tales. Not even those who call this place home dares to test their luck by going in deep, deep, deeper. The magic exuding from this place has rearranged the lands - moving packs, changing the terrain. Here the cave looks the same but it is not - it is more dangerous than ever. In addition, outside the mouth of the cave the sacred stones that once stood erect in another place now stand guard. They are colored the most beautiful arrangement of jewel tones, and almost appear to be made of gems themselves, no longer the dull grey they once were. It is within them that all official fights must take place - at the Blican Orlege. Welcome to Drylic Cofa...


Wolf in Sheep's Skin [ mature]

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I'm Your Worst Nightmare Dressed as your Day Dream
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He had urged her own, for Draven so loved having the backstories of his little pets and playthings so that while he was sleeping upon their stripped pelts he could relive their pain so much more vividly. And Lucaya had played perfectly into it, telling her much of her history.

' was Queen of Spring Grounds, it was my birth right. My parents abandoned the pack after my mother killed my brother right before my eyes. I was cocky, and didn't know much about fighting. I was taken down by a witch who couldn't even hold down the pack herself. But they didn't need me, and I didn't need them.'

Draven laughed, a deep gutteral thing that resounded off of the walls. "There is no such thing as a 'right' in this world. You may have been entitled to that land because of your relation to the previous rulers, but that does not make it law. The only things that are truly yours in this world are the things that you take for yourself. But I would bet - were I a betting man - that you were not so calm about your loss as you are right now. You grew up there I assume, and to no longer call it home... ah, the loss of innocence." He mused the last final bit to himself before extended his paw in a rolling gesture, signalling for her to continue.

She went on at length about her next pack - living in Malignant Felicity, about her lost mate. Draven's orbs flared with intrigue - he had never before been to Malignant. He had, for a stent spent time within the confines of Abendrot after his failed murder of his precious Halina... he purred as he thought of her now, of how deeply and truly he wanted both to take her as his own and to destroy her. But alas, for now at least, she was once again out of his grasp and somewhere else, in a different land. "It is... perfect, is it not? The line between love and hate, the line between sanity and craziness? It is the most delicate line to tread upon, and yet it is so much sweeter to not tread upon it at all but instead to rupture it, to smear the boundaries of it and leave others to fix whatever mess is left in the destructive wake." He crooned to himself before lolling his eyes back to her. At length, ad nauseum, he had gone on, his monologue trailing along as he had wound closer and closer to her, and yet all the while she continued to smile. Perhaps she was insane, crazy enough to desire the torture and pain that he promised lay in store for her.

The thought tickled him, and only drew forth his own desire, for as much as he loved the screams from his victims, he loved too the rarer sounds of pleasure.

Finally, Draven asked for a name with the promise of a headstart to flee - a chase it would be if she wanted just that. But instead she retorted, not just with a name but with confirmation of his hope - her own masochism. "Lucaya... it is a name I shall not forget them, whether or not your flesh remains upon your body. As for your other statement, you are indeed a little bitch and I will throw whatever fear and temptation into your pretty little eyes as I so chose, but..." He shrugged, his head rolling to the side. "...It is entirely up to whether or not you react it it." His skin rippled with delight as her plume ran a course his body - it was the first willing contact that had been given to him since the young little femme that had wanted to be his slave. Even now as he tried to recall her name, he knew she would not be able to. She had not be dark, but instead had daddy issues and was needy for love and pain and control. But this... this fallen Regina in all of her glory would be something different all together. Her pain would become both of their pleasures and together they would be something truly horrific and terrible... for a time at least.

Draven growled as she bit down onto his ear and felt his own blood wetten his skin. Now this - this was new. Few had spilled his blood before, and never as a form of foreplay. The hessian's vocals only increased in intensity as she licked his blood from her lips, savor in the taste of him before turning backward, offering a view that burned the fire of desire within him. Draven lunged forward and buried his nares in her flank, inhaling deeply of her perfume, her desire. Already her wetness was pushed against his shoulder as leaned heavily against her. Roughly, he nuzzled into that same flank, his muzzle lifting upward into the corner of her delicate flesh and his incisors nipped once, twice in quick succession, her own blood welling up in the small puncture wounds quickly. Though his hunger had him crazed and wanting to flail her flesh, he held back. He pushed past her side to sidle up near her scruff and with a swift motion tore his teeth into her nape and ripped backward hard enough to leave trenches in it, but not deep enough to lead to infection. Firmly, he held onto his grip on her and used it to pin her as he mounted her, each of his front paws wrapping over her with to dig into each of her shoulders. There was no slowness in his motions, but instead only a rapid ravaging of her. Hips buckled as he took her, and as he rose toward his climax he bit down harder and harder on her scruff and swallowed the blood that poured from each wound until finally he released himself inside of her, planting his seed. He dismounted her, intending on doing more but at that moment, the field that had been shielding Blossom Forest broke.

Whether it was the drinking of her blood in that moment, a weird twist of fate or random finality would never been known, but as soon as his paws hit the ground he clenched his jaws as pain raked through him, worse even the torture that he had endured at Kershov and Scarlet Night's paws. Through it all, Draven grimaced and laughed, thinking perhaps death had finally come for him and perhaps it had. His laugh rolled into a growl, a roar that rumbled throughout him as the agony knocked him to the earth. A nearly imperceptible 'plink' resonated through his cacophonous song as first one and then the other of his canines fell from his maw. Blood - more than should have been his own, began to pour from first his maw, then his pools, until it seemed it seeped out of every one of his pours. Draven finally screamed, unable to hold it back any longer as he scratched at his orbs, long rakes cutting through them until he pulled forth his irises. Poison tore through his veins, stopping his heart in the most painful of ways and causing him to go still for a moment. But in the next, he was gasping for breath.

He could not know that even in this very moment, others were being transformed who were his opposite, designed with the purpose to destroy him, and now, his kind. Trembling limbs brought him first to his knees before he managed to get his paws beneath him. Lifting his nape, he peered at the femme before him, unknowing that his emeralds had been instead replaced with hellfire's very own rubies. He rose one of his front limbs and licked at it before beginning to groom himself, cleaning off his face from the sticky blood that resigned there. "Well, love, I've got to be honest..." He paused a moment to clean his forelimb, and held his tongue there a second too long, noting something of interest - though his heart still beat, it was slow - too slow for any wolf to live off off. "Now I know why that mate of yours left you - if this is how you fuck all the guys it is a surprise if you have any repeat customers. But hey, I'm certainly willing to give it a go..." Once more he paused to clean his limb, and checked his pulse again, surprised to find that he had not been wrong, but there it was, a mere beat every ten seconds. "You really know how to stop a guy's heart." Draven had no clue that had happened to him... but he knew that he saw clearer in the darkness... as if it was daylight. That he was hungry with an appetite he somehow knew he could never satiate. That at the thought of feeding... he could feel his canines extending for... some reason. But for now he was content to see how Lucaya would react to all that had just occurred... there would be time to experiment later.

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