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Name: Mekhi
Biological sex: Male
Skin colour: Medium bronze
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Deep brown
Defects: Sterile
Free V13 power: Photosynthesis - to remove need to breathe
Your player name: Kate
How you found out about us: Advertisement

Heartless: Does not possess a heart, which gives him extreme chest pains. I wouldn't mind swapping this for basic cardiac arrhythmia
Jaguar shape-shifting
Bone Magician (Spirit x Earth Warlock): Had very basic earth manipulation abilities + could produce shadowy wings from Spirit magic.
Zombie child companion: Ocean has the appearance of a rotting eight year old boy. He has wings and carries a bow + arrows.
Draft warhorse companion (Caia)

1x Database Glitch, changing name from Echidna to Mekhi
1x Database Glitch, changing from female to male

From the mountains, they travel along the coast. Echidna enjoys the break from dark, distant peaks. Morning is rising slowly; the ocean is fresh and on fire. She can hear the waves breaking along the shore, gulls screech as they swoop overhead. Even Caia likes the coast, her pace shifting from a plodding walk to a brisk trot. They move down from the main road onto the sand and draw near the warm water. Echidna dismounts at one point and allows the big mare to walk ankle deep into the water. Horses here were different, they didn’t speak her language anymore and part of her thankful for the fact. This place was removed from anywhere she’d ever been before and though the creatures here were not too different, the land moved in a different time.

Caia plays in the water. Her big body moves through the waves with elegance. Echidna admires her heavy build, thick legs and wide hips. The grey mare is roughly eighteen hands, which means she towers over Echidna by a large margin. Her head was long, with a Roman nose and big, intelligent eyes. Caia was smart for an animal, she understood things. Echidna sits down on the cool sand and watches the draft revel in the ocean water. There is a symmetry to this moment, like the past and present and future are all colliding on this strange axis. How long before it all tips itself out?

Echidna whistles softly and the mare trots up out of the water. She comes to press her big nose against the girl’s thin chest, nimble fingers run through Caia’s long forelock. “Stupid lug, you all wet,” Echidna says with a chuckle and climbs back into the saddle again. She directs the mare back onto the main road, they would soon pass into Breezetown just outside the Covenay Harbor.

The road is long and it is late evening when they reach the town. Echidna watches the weary eyed citizens and they in turn stare up at her. Curious to the small girl and her big horse. It feels weird, almost surreal, like these moments are more dreams – maybe they are and she’s still trapped in the ocean. The town is larger than she expected, which was both good and bad. When she finds a decent livery, Echidna pays a boy several ducats to give Caia a brushing before feeding her and then finding her a nice stall. They would spend the night in town, get back on the road first thing in the morning.

Echidna couldn’t escape the feeling that something was chasing her and it made her skin crawl with desperation. The slender girl walks from the livery to the nearest tavern, she scoots into a booth near the back and orders a beer. There are several men inside, knocking and bumping, their eyes lazy and their mouths dripping with liquor. She could smell them a mile off. Echidna drinks half of her mug before she moves out into the room, she wanted to direction and maybe a late-night snack if possible.

“I tell you, boys, it was the biggest fish I’d ever seen in me life!” A man said over laughter and mugs being smacked down on the table.

Echidna watched the man. He was older, his eyes were dark and his hair was peppered. He had a tattoo beneath his right eye, one tooth missing – he’d been a hard worker at some point but life had driven him here. It was such a shame.

“Happen to know where someone can find the Shrines?” Echidna asks, coming to perch on the table’s edge. Her black cloak wrapped around her, hood down. The men look at her and the one with the missing tooth grins broadly, like he knows a secret.

He ends up telling her how to make to the Shrines in one piece but it was a waste of time. Knell had been abandoned by the gods a long time ago. However, if she were keen on going, she would have to trek down to the ferry docks and get a ride across the Azure into Nelya territory. From there she would have to ride through the capitol and across Lossar land, there was a very respectable stable there, and then she could dip down to where the Shrines supposedly sat. Echidna thanked him with another round and went back to her table to wait.

When the man eventually left, several hours later, she followed him unnoticed. The night was thick and stank of stagnant water and mud and pee – Echidna slipped into the shadows. Her jaguar form was easy to take, like putting on a favorite sweater, and soon she was following him down the dark alleyways. He lived in a huddle near the northern side of town, he was also alone, which makes things less complicated. Echidna let him get the door open before she came up behind him and grabbed him around the middle, pushing him into the house onto his belly.

There was little screaming – there was a lot of blood.

The next morning, after Echidna had cleaned herself up and gotten some fresh clothes, they set out for the docks a few paces southwest. There would be another small village there but Echidna had no plans to stick around. She had what she needed.


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