Re(1): Dead cats

Didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until this morning in the main lake. Lots of 1-2# channelcats floating in the main lake.A few bigger and a few dinks but most in the 1-2# range.Not the level of the last white bass and dink channelcat kills,but worse than normal.

Large patches of weeds too and it's less than 6" clarity out there. I saw 1 patch that was 3 sq feet at the surface.

The 1st symptoms of grand lake was when the ice fishermen complained about mushy/foul smelling filets from the walleye in there.A good fillet firms up under icewater.By spring,toxic green algae. So far,I have yet had a mushy foul smelling filet off any Indian lake saugeye. Water temp's still 77


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