*you pull the trigger just for fun; [] - " />
*you pull the trigger just for fun; []

even angels have their wicked schemes

He flew on flaming lavender wings, interested in covering the entire sky area of the protective bubble for the castle. He'd taken a larger form as a phoenix this time, colored the same as his hair usually was. Quinn was curious, no other reason for him to be out and about like this. He was still trying to get used to his leathery wings, but he was still a little hesitant to be out and about like that where he could be seen. In phoenix form, he did not have the same reservations. This form had been he'd taken long ago, and he felt good and normal in this way.

The wind pushed him in the direction of the castle itself, and Quinn let it sway him in that direction, not minding a detour of his flight. He just wanted to go with the flow for now, but when he saw the little girl hanging off the side of the roof, and then not far from her, Aura doing nothing, Quinn cawed loudly in his protest. Aura being there probably meant impending death for the child, but having some ire where reapers were concerned right now, Quinn found himself all too interested in stopping the would be death from occurring.

So he swooped towards them, quelling the fire from his form and pulling back enough to extend his talons out to carefully try and pluck the girl from the spot so he could bring her back to the ground. Of course he had also been aware of the yelling mouse that had been left behind, and once the girl was back on solid ground, Quinn was flying back up to get the mouse, shooting a glare at Aura, scrabbling at the side where the stones were for a grip to reach carefully for the mouse. In doing so, he clutched at a loose stone and felt something in that talon. Back down he went to bring the mouse to the girl before looking at whatever he was holding.

(( hope this is okay,
if not i can edit this. also wasn't sure if he can still get a prize or if it's too late now that the others got something already ))


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