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His daughter had been wandering - and his heart ached for her. Silas had come to love Pandora as though he was one half of her, her father by blood and not by choice. To see the snowy female so lost and in pain was torture, and a path he knew all too well. He had not talked about his time before Blossom Forest with her, and as she grew older, it very well could be time to. Pandora had been taking trips from Moondown Shadows, and he was unsure of where she went. The world was a dangerous place, he knew that better than most, and he wished she would remain within the limits of his protection, however limited it might be. It was nearly time to begin teaching her how to defend herself, a thought that made him bristle.

Still, when he caught scent of his only child on the wind, he headed that way. Silas was more than pleased that she was within his borders as darkness fell. Pandora had ghosts that followed her, never granting her any peace, and he knew how loud ghosts of the past could be in the silence of night. Thoughts of his leannan still haunted him, though he had not seen the skeleton boy in many moons. The scarlett caped man made his way silently through the wood of Moondown, each step leaving a heavy imprint in the dampened earth. Pandora’s scent grew stronger as he approached the river he saved her from and he sighed deeply, his heart aching for the girl with the cracked smile.

The pale teen came into sight and he took a minute to observe, taking a breath to ensure that the metallic scent of blood did not taint the air. Finding a lack of it, he allowed relief to wash over him before he approached her. ”I’m glad you’re home,” he rumbled as he came to her side, reaching out and attempting to grasp her maw gently between his teeth before releasing it and rasping his tongue atop her head. ”Did you find what you were looking for, nighean?” he asked, leaning gently into her before straightening once more.


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