Where once the southern border of Blossom Forest was made by Leisure Lake, the magical rearrangement of the lands has laid there instead a vast, uncrossable ocean. The shore differs as you travel along it. Tall mountainous cliffs arise on the western part and at one point, the large river that runs through Blossom Forest opens up at its tributary into a well sheltered cove. As you come more eastward, the towering peaks shorten into rocky foothills. A large section of the shore is inaccessible to most, as Uyaraut has claimed it as their own. But if you skirt around their territory, the hills disappear, swallowed up into the land until it is as flat as the eye can see. The vibrant greens dull into short and dry browns and tans, and the land dries and cracks apart until it melds into The Waste - the desert that forms Blossom Forestís easternmost border.

For those looking to hunt here, there are of course the fish within the ocean, along with crabs, seals and urchins. For on the shore, there are seagulls, herons, and ospreys.


;;{we can't all be cheerful};;

The ess pulled her tongue back in her mouth when the other started to speak; nodding at her words. Yeah it had only been about a day since they had all been trying to settle in, to find their dens among others and to get the lay of the territory they were all going to call home. Piercing blue grey eyes watched the tan and grayish lass; her golden orbs against her fur was very pretty, Milo couldn't see any emotion behind them and it made her a bit down. She wanted everyone to be happy but then again, Milo wasn't always happy either. When she lost her former pack she was sad about that and even now a wave of sadness flashed over her and was shown in her eyes for a split second. Pushing that memory back she looked at the lass. "And you? Is the land all that you wished for and more when you decided to claim it as your own? Why did you choose this one and not one of the other dead lands?" Milo offered up a small smile. Was it everything she wanted? Was it the only land she had considered and why had she chosen that land and not another?

In short, yes it was everything she wanted and no it wasn't the only one she considered but it seemed like the best candidate, Milo's maw opened for a yawn before letting lyrics roll from her tongue. In short, yes it is everything I wanted, but no it is not the only land I considered, I chose it because it seemed like the best candidate at the time and it still does. It's something I would have loved for my former pack, so why shouldn't I start over with another there? If I had my former pack now and led them here, it would have been the best place for them. Why shouldn't it be the best for others now? Milo's eyes filled with sadness as she looked towards Kahlan. This wasn't what she wanted to speak to her about but; what better way to go into it than to tell her about her past if she were to spring on a higher rank to the ess; she might turn it down first off, and even if she went about it this way there was still that chance.

The white and grey lass tried very hard to push back the sadness; push back the memories of that life and try to forget about it but it didn't work. It just made her heart ache worse. Finally when she was able to get a grip while looking down; she pushed it back, and let herself move past it once again. That was then, this is now.



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