i don't wanna die

Bohdi studied the woman with the bow curiously. She hadn't had much experience with royalty - her homeworld was separated into tribes, with the highest member being the chieftain - but she'd heard enough about nobles since her arrival to get a mental picture of what to expect with them. Morgana did not fit that bill exactly; though she was pretty, as Bo had imagined, she was also clearly adept with her bow, which Bo had not expected. Her expression was rather impressed, her eyes dipping to the bow and back as the guard made introductions. She wasn't much good with bow and arrow; she'd been trained for it - most of the warriors in her village were also the primary hunters - but she'd never had a flair for it like some of the other women, and certainly nothing on Morgana's scale. Up close and personal was Bohdi's favorite place to be, whether fighting or talking or even just meeting someone. Though, if left to her own devices, she might've gotten much closer to the Lady, she did have enough sense to follow the guard's cue... for now, at least.

She nodded at the guard as he paused, as if saying 'go ahead then?'. Osulf, his sea camoflauged coat nearly dry now, shook his head with a pained sigh.

"Her name is Bohdi, m'lady."

Bohdi blinked at him. Hadn't she told the guy her name earlier? She was pretty sure she had, though she was pretty fascinated by all the shiny baubles they'd passed. She had no interest in wealth, really, but shiny was shiny and Bo liked shiny. Now that she thought back, the guy probably had asked her a number of questions as they went in search of Morgana, but she couldn't remember answering any of them outloud.

She was pleasantly surprised when the man remembered why she'd come, at least. She nodded eagerly as Brandon asked about her ren, then sketched a passable bow towards the Lady - it was clear the action was rather foreign to her, likely having been taught by someone or something else for such an occasion as this.

"Hej! Thank me for meeting you," she said, then frowned. That didn't sound right... "Ah! Thank you for meeting you!" The frown deepened, then as quickly as it had come the expression lifted, replaced by one of excitement and hope. Bo clearly didn't let messing up like this get to her. Her golden lion eyes began to glow, her lion-like fangs flashing as she continued. "ANYWAYS! The komanndÝr" - Bo's eyes shined brightly with admiration and obvious hero worship. - "said she cannot find my ren for me because it is beyond the reach of her divinity." - she leaned a bit towards Morgana, lowering her voice with reverence. - "This is not her fault, she is great and wonderful and it is because my ren is not in this world." - she nodded sagely, then continued in her normal (slightly loud) tone of voice - "She said... to seek you, a memdyum, and you would tell me how to find a Reaper, and then the Reaper will tell me how to find my Realm in the Realm.... My ren in the Realm. Which is not this one."

Bohdi stopped her rambling now, looking expectantly at Morgana as if she was just going to suddenly turn and point out the exact direction of the Reaper at this exact moment. Osulf looked from his fairy to Morgana, to the bird at her shoulder, to the guard, and back, at a loss. Should he try and clarify that muddled mess or just let the others go with it.

"Also," Bohdi said, and Osulf groaned. She spared him a glance as she continued. "That is a very pretty bow."

blood is getting hotter, body's getting colder
i don't wanna die, so you're gonna have to

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