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weighed and measured inside

[ooc] If you guys are cool with it I wouldn't mind taking just one of the Imitation Pendants or Prayer Rings and some of the doubloons ( I think the closest to an even split would be 166, 167, 167 so I can take the 166$ if that works), then you can split up the rest as you please? <3 [/ooc]

At level six, Eselda had wings - sparkly bluebird wings with golden-pink tips - but she'd yet to get a hang of them. At best she hovered a few inches off the ground, wings beating mightily but uselessly while her toes drug across the ground; at worst she stumbled and fell into a heap of arms and wings and terrified woodmouse inches from where she'd first taken off. As the woman replied desperately to her plea, Eselda flapped those same wings, but found them uncooperative - perhaps thanks to her fear and stress. Her arms were shaking quite badly now, her fingertips aching and her palms growing sweatier by the second. She was going to fall, wasn't she? The knowledge had dread curling in the pit of her tummy, her frightened gaze sliding anxiously to the ground and then back up at the woman. Her face crumpled. She was gonna die, wasn't she? That's why the lady was here, wasn't it, to take her off to some place once she'd splatted?

She was so frightened - her eyes squeezed shut so tightly - that she didn't see the woman blanch and stumble. She didn't see the flaming lavender creature, either. One moment she was clinging to the roof for dear life and the next... she was flying. Eselda let out a gasp, watching the ground slide effortlessly beneath her. She was flying! She was finally doing it!

Zel slid her gaze back over one shoulder, to see her wings in action, and was surprised - but not upset - to find she wasn't doing anything at all. The prettiest purple bird she'd ever seen in all her days was doing the work, carrying her down to safety. Her mouth dropped open, eyes wide with awe. She was deposited gently back on ground, doing a bit of a tumble (more because she hadn't prepared her legs for impact after being set down - far too in awe of her hero to think of such a thing) as she did. She'd only just turned to ask the bird about her familiar when she saw him already rescuing Aurora too. Aurora nearly fainted from the fear of being held in such massive talons - by a giant bird who could eat her, even - and scurried to hide in Zel's coat pocket the moment she was released.

"T-thanks, Mr. Bird!" Zel said, her hands clasped together beneath her chin. The entire limb - from chipped fingernails (Zel had a habit of chewing them, so it was difficult to tell how much damage was from her scrambling and how much had already been there) to her back - was sore and stiff and a bit shaky from the adrenaline, but she was alive, and that was the best thing ever in her book. She really wanted to interrogate the bird more - was it a fairy? A familiar? A wild magical bird who would be her new best friend ever and live in her house? - but the woman from the roof had appeared, distracting her from that line of thought.

Now that they were closer - and Zel wasn't terrified - she realized the lady looked awful familiar. Like, maybe she'd seen a picture before, or maybe the lady had been described to her? She couldn't remember, but the lady was pretty. Zel smiled up at her reassuringly.

"It's okay, lady. I didn't die, thanks to Mr. Bird, so it's all fine now! And next time I go up on the roof, I'll be extra careful," Zel said, nodding confidently.

"N-n-next time?!" came Aurora's trembling, terrified voice from her pocket. Zel ignored her familiar.

"I was looking for another bird," she tried to explain, but the last part of what Aura had said suddenly stuck in her head. Her eyes widened and brightened, her head bobbing so that her coppery-brown curls bounced. "SHE IS! My mama's name is Poppy and I'm Eselda but most everybody just calls me Zel, which is cool cuz it has a "z" which is a fancy letter. How'd ya know?" she frowned a bit, blinking innocent wide eyes up at Aura. "If she blowed up something of yours, I'm sure she's really sorry. What's your name?"

This was said to both Aura and the bird, her gaze flicking between the two. A carrier robin settled anxiously nearby, and Zel brightened even more.

"LUCIE!" she said, dashing over to scoop up the bird before dashing back to the others. "I looked everywhere for you! I even got on the roof and almost died! This is Lucie," she said to the adults, clearly unbothered now by her near-death adventure.


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