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beauty before the beast

" tale as old as time "

{ r e w } - { d u c h e s s } - { a l o n e } - { r o u g e } - { n o l o v e } - { child of delaria }

name - - rew
age - - adult
gender - - female
breed - - timber
appearance - - Known for her sweet looks and even sweeter disposition, Rew is quite the sight to see, and for many more reasons than one. Her beauty starts with her eyes, them being a stormy grey in color. Some prefer to think first of the thick light grey pelt that hides her willowy figure, while others take matters of the heart into more account than that of the physical; but in the end, most can agree that this Rew is- altogether- wholesomely beautiful.
personality - - With her mellow attitude, she fits in well with those who possess quiet temperaments and soft dispositions, while her welcoming, tender nature makes her a favorite even among those who share very little in common with her personality. However, an all too forgiving sense of optimism can frequently lead her astray and into situations undeserving of her kindness
ooc - - delaria

don't be scared my darling

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