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the war is just begun

Name: Kijika
Age: teen
Gender: male
Appearance: Kij looks like normal Maned wolf from afar; but upon closer inspection, Kij looks as if he's half an angel, half a demon. He's mostly a light russet, black stilts up to his elbows and a black maw but on one side of his face is completely black with a white eye, the other side being a normal white and russet with a green eye, his right paw on the same side of his black part of his face is a deep russet that blends pretty well with his stilts, he has a deep wound on the right side of his back leg thigh that causes the muscle to be wonky but still look slightly normal.
Personality: Kij can be overbearing; finding out as much about someone as possible and deciding whether to like them or not. He's talkative, strong-willed, and will stop at nothing when he is set on a task. He's very sweet and caring, and he loves to flirt with others, pretty much everyone really. But he hides his heart as much as possible; he also prefers other males
Breed: of the kalak variety
He trained his whole life for the day he would be led to one wolf and one wolf only. The prince who he has to kill in order to take the clan. One time he'd messed up and one of the bigger Kalaks had dug into his hind leg; leaving him unable to walk for months until it was fully healed, he still despises the wolf who did it; even though it was an accident. Training was brutal and there is no way he's going back without first taking care of the last task they set him on; so he may take over the clan, little does he know that other plans may be in order~
OOC: Liberty

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